An explanation of Extinctionism is in order. It is the worldview that supports the misery and death for all mankind, and seeks the end of the human race.

An explanation of the origin and purpose of this worldview will be a very brief essay. The matter is stark and simple, and can be said simply.

There is only one thing in life where the choice is ultimate and final and eternal: we are either for God or against.

Going against God, whether we like it or not, whether we know it or not, means going against the image and likeness of God, that is, Man.

Those against Man wish Man not to prosper, not to be happy, not to live at all.

Those against Man hate man. They hate human life. They hate what makes human life endure and flourish. They eventually side with whatever smothers laughter, encourages joy, grants peace, creates prosperity. They hate virginity, motherhood, and babies. They hate Jews. They hate the conscience. They hate virtue, truth, beauty. They hate themselves. They hate, hate, hate.

They hate the truth. They hate reason. They hate facts. They hate logic.  They hate words, and so only use words in the twisted mirror-world way that makes every word a lie.

Since man is a rational creature. He cannot prosper without reason. He cannot reason without words. To rob words of meaning is to die, first in the mind, then in the flesh.

From this rejection of reason, of speech, springs the Iron Law of Projection: every accusation is a confession. What they say you do, they do.

Policies otherwise inexplicable become evident once their goal is clear. Why mutilate the sexual organs of children, and sterilize them? Why celebrate sodomy with the sacrament of marriage? Why arrange laws to encourage divorce? Why propagandize an overpopulation hoax during an underpopulation crisis of unimaginable magnitude? Why propagandize endless environmental hoaxes? Why else — except to convince the unwary that to live and breed is unwise, if not wicked?

Why spread pornography, denigrate family life, pay the poor to father bastards? Why legalize recreational drugs? Why open the borders to drug cartels spreading an opiate poison killing millions? The mission is to ruin lives and end life.

Because they hate the truth, they will never admit any of this or any part of this. There is always some pretense of something they claim to seek, and the destruction of what they hate is claimed to be a side effect. They will disguise hatred of law and order with concern for the downtrodden, for example, or disguise hatred of sexual decency with a concern for equality.

But the moment what they claim to seek does not lead to the destruction what they actually hate, they abandon it with Orwellian alacrity. The fact that we were at war with Eurasia is instantaneously forgotten. Oceania is at war with Eastasia. We have always been at war with Eastasia.

One example among countless: I am old enough to remember when Global Cooling was the fashionable panic. All news outlets in unison reported the same thing. Science proved a new Ice Age was threatening mankind. Within twelve years, unstoppable glaciers would obliterate North America. The only possible solution was the immediate seizure of all human industrial activity under a socialist dictatorship.

Then, in an instant, in the twinkling of an eye, in the year 1977,  Global Warming was the fashionable panic. All news outlets in unison reported the same thing. Science proved a runaway greenhouse effect was threatening mankind. Within twelve years, the world would boil to death. The only possible solution was the immediate seizure of all human industrial activity under a socialist dictatorship.

No matter what the problem, the solution was socialist dictatorship. Socialist dictatorship, of course, is merely another way to say mass-murder and mass-suicide. Every nation trifling with socialist dictatorship flourishes for as long as free nations fund and support them, then collapses in an apocalypse of poverty, betrayal, misery, ruin.

Environmentalism is Socialism. Socialism is a death. Everyone knows it. Most of all, the socialists know it. Only their hatred for the living keeps them alive.

Examples can be multiplied endlessly. Indeed, there is nothing done by the Marxist, the Cultural Marxist, the Feminist, the Racial Activist, which is not rooted in Gnosticism, and aimed toward Nihilism.

Nihilism the the failure of thought, the grave of reason. When a man is convicted by his own conscience as unworthy to live, exiled from society as unworthy of fellowship, scorned by maidens as unworthy to mate, nature convicts him to extinction. He has lost the Darwinian contest. Lacking hope of heaven, earthly humiliation is not a blessing but a death warrant. Pride and malice demands retaliation.

Gnosticism sates the demand for retaliation by condemning the world, not the man, and placing man on God’s throne. Gnosticism is the mother modern materialistic worldviews rejecting heaven and earth, namely Marxism, Cultural Marxism, Feminism, Critical Race Theory, Critical Gender Theory, and so on. These are cult beliefs, not political beliefs, because they are meant to address a spiritual failure, not a political problem.

The spiritual problem is this: how can a wretched sinner, consumed with unadmitted self-loathing and unwilling to confess his sin, best offend God by marring the image of God found in man?  Nihilism destroys reason and science; Marx destroys property and prosperity; Cultural Marxism vandalizes art and culture; Critical Race Theory destroys the brotherhood of man; Feminism and Gender Theory destroy romance, family life, reproduction, childhood, virginity, motherhood, manhood, civilization, and the cosmos.  All of them are aimed at defamation, destruction, decay, death.

They love death more than you love life.