Never Again

Bellomy has a question about the phrase “Never Again”

“If it was designed to teach us about preventing future genocides, then why do we repeatedly learn more and more about the Jewish Holocaust in increasingly exacting detail and almost completely ignore the multiple other genocides that HAVE happened SINCE the Jewish Holocaust? After teaching us about the lead-up to the Jewish Holocaust (or really, the German-run Holocaust that included Jews among others) and the facts surrounding it, so we know what happened, shouldn’t we learn about other genocides and what steps we could have taken or should be taking to prevent those?”

I have an answer, but a cynical one.

The enemy of my enemy is sometimes my enemy, but sometimes one fights alongside him nonetheless, at least in the short term.

This phrase, promising to curtail further genocides, was born of one such temporary alliance, and outlasts it only as a ghost, a memory without form or matter.

The enemies in this case are not the Anglo-Soviet Allies gathered against the Axis, but the Right against the Left, conservatives versus radicals.

The Left in Europe (and now in America in the form of plutocrat Wokeness) are and have always been Antichrist socialist, who hate Western civilization: Marxists, Hegelians, Nietzscheans, and all the sons of the barbarians who hate but envy Rome.

One branch of  moderate or national socialist was the Italian fascist or German national socialist, who wishes to preserve at least some remnant of civilization, provided it was militarized and nationalized, and allowed public expressions of religion, provided they were neutered and servile toward the worldly power. Fascism is the rebirth of Caesar. Fascism is the Borg, which  assimilates all life into one collective.

Russian socialism, as befits the Russian character, was more deeply religious and reformationist. They were, in fact, radicals, a word that described the destroy to destroy root and branch rather than reform or absorb. Communism is Sauron, who leaves behind a sunless, treeless, gasping wasteland of Mordor where he passes. The genocides by the Nazis were as nothing compared to the genocides of the Commies, not by an order of magnitude.

But hatred for Nazis is the one and only area where the Left and Right in America can agree. The conservatives hate the Nazis because they enslave church and state, and the Commies hate the Nazis for not enslaving church and state enough. Nazis allow patriotism and piety if and only if Christ grovels and worships Caesar; Commies do not allow for patriotism or piety. For the Commie, there is no motherland, only mother Earth, and no worship, save of Big Brother.

Racism, the centerpiece of all Commie propaganda about everything everywhere, is actually non-essential to fascism. Mussolini was not obsessed with it, and even Hitler’s psychotic obsession (which he enflamed in his people) was provoked by the prevalence of atheist Jews among the Communists and LGBQ’s of Weimar Germany.

Racism is popular among Leftist propagandists because Americans are unduly sensitive about the topic: the Blacks among us are unwilling to forgive or forget the brutality with which the Democrats of generations past treated a small percent of some of their forefathers, and the Dems are unwilling to cease defrauding and harassing the Blacks with the Venus Flytrap of the Welfare State, craving votes rather than cotton, but using them as tools, not seeing them as people.

Myself, I have never seen anyone on the Right ever notice race, talk about race, think about race, any more than we talk and think about haircolor, except in reply to a Leftist, who have nothing else they ever think or talk about. With the fall of the Berlin Wall, stirring up enmity between classes proves difficult, but stirring up enmity between races is fruitful, and has not.

Indeed, as best I recall, stirring up enmity between races has never, ever failed the Left. Race-baiting is a billion dollar industry, grants them control of public and private sector alike, renders their candidates in politics immune from criticism, and allows them total control of Hollywood.

Even Feminists treat the sexes as two different races, a master race of males and a slave race of females, whose oppressor-oppression relationship is social, not biological, and which the dialect of history must evolve through violence to a higher next stage. And blah, blah, blah ad nausem. If you ever listen to a feminist, a chore I pray you avoid, prepare for an earful of Marxist gobbledegook with some Nietzschean terminology thrown in for good measure, but the end sought is a sexless society rather than a marketless society.

Those of us who are bored with the topic of race cannot even say so, because to be non-racist is itself racist. Judging a man by the content of his character rather than by the color of his skin has been decreed by our Mandarin class of self-annointed elites to be Nazism.

Once society adopts a Bill of Rights granting equality to all men, provided it is evenhandedly enforced, there is nothing else human beings can say or do about the problem of inequality.

Attempts to do more, as with making acts of private discriminination actionable at law, or by adopting race quotas, or by diversity hiring, are grossly and maliciously counterproductive, aggrevating a problem only fools think such measures would solve.

The genocide the phrase NEVER AGAIN is promising to prevent is, of course, a misnomer and a deliberate one. The term refers to the systematic mass murder of a race. But, despite what you may have heard, the wars and struggles of every era since the Civil War, none of them have been about race. Even the Civil War was about race only incidentally, as the slavery forbidden to Christians was practiced by Christian men who were unwilling to admit that they selected slaves based on the weakness of the nations and tribes from which the slavers haled them.

All the things blamed on race are actually religious or national wars and struggles, usually between conquerer and conquered, where it is a region that is conquered, not a race. Race is used as a shorthand, were possible, to separate out the conquered group by some easily identifiable trait, the more easily identified the better. But the Nazi holocaust of the Jews was a religious war, an unholy war, if you will, the reaction against the alien religion of nihilist socialism and sexual perversion promoted in Weimar Germany, with a faux pagan German nationalism based on the teaching of Mme Blatavsky and the Theosophists. Because the Jewish religion and the Jewish race are indistinguishable, any strike against the God of Abraham involved striking the Sons of Israel.

The other holocausts and genocides peppering the Twentieth Century are Jihads by Turks or Pogroms by Reds, sometimes against their own peoples, sometimes against others. In Africa, it is tribal, albeit not without Muslim overtones; in Eastern Europe, it is Mohammed against the Orthodox Church, just as it was in centuries past.

The phrase is a promise to prevent future genocides, but the Left means the promise only to prevent genocides committed by the Right, which is none whatsoever.

Genocides by the Left are a normal part of their operational procedure, as it is with their twin brothers, the Jihadists of Mohammed. The Right lacks the desire and ability to make war on all the Second World and all the Dar-al-Islam.

We lack the manpower. The best we could do is wage a Cold War, which was a long siege action; war with China is not currently wise.

Our current international order is an alliance of banking interests and trade agreements, generally anti-American in scope and effect, and always anti-Christian. It promotes rather than deters Holy Wars, which is the true name for the mass killings we call Genocide.

The League of Nations daydream of a worldwide parliament of voluntary confederated friends is as foolish as dreams of the European Union.  A league of vampires survives only by draining the blood of the one in whom most life is left by the ones in which none is left. It thrives by replacing native populations with nomads loyal only to the global order, or to no one. See Brexit for details.

One would need for the old international order of Christendom to have the heart and soul for worldwide war preventing all future holy wars, and we would need the return of the Holy Roman Empire to enforce a Pax Romana.

NEVER AGAIN was a promise made at the end of World War Two to prevent the recurrence of the Jewish Holocaust by Nazis.

Both Right and Left agreed to this, because the Left regards the National Socialists as Nationalists, hence of the Right, and the Right regards the National Socialists as Socialists, hence of the Left.

The phrase has no meaning in the modern day, except as a stick to beat Conservative Christians, the sole people in history never to have committed such an atrocity, or to accuse the Jews, whose last recorded massacre was in the Bronze Age.

The phrase is a truncheon in the fist of the Radical Left, the only people in the modern age to have adopted genocide as a consistent policy. One cannot replace nativeborn Englishmen or Irishmen with Musselmen without a genocide of the generation to be replaced.

And the Left must kill all Jews lest the Sons of Israel remind the world of the God of Abraham. Those who seek to kill God and replace Him with Caesar must strike at the weakest and nearest group pricking the conscience: Jews first, then Catholics, then all Christian men.