Which Books did the Socialists Burn?

At times, the enemy of my enemy is indeed my enemy.

Here is a non-controversial topic impossible to discuss without sparking acrimonious controversy. Which books did the National Socialist German Workers’ Party actually burn and censor?

The somewhat heterodox historian here, a man who (in other vide0s) argues the Second World War to be one America should have not fought,  attempts to be nonpolitical, but I note he does not tell both sides of the story, nor need he. We have heard the other side and nothing but all our lives.

We see in Weimar Germany, as today, the play of a nearly perfect hellish tactic: Namely, set two antichrist factions directly against each other, Socialist and National Socialist, both of whom advocate totalitarian antics such as book burning, both of whom accuse the other side of its own sin, so that any opposition to the one is seen as advocacy of the other. That way, any Christian absolutely opposed to both is condemned by both sides as advocating or appeasing, the opposite.

I also note tidbits previously unknown to me: the prevalence of prostitution in Weimar Germany, adumbrated, for example, in the film CABARET  (1972). The mother-daughter prostitutes mentioned included child prostitution, as the daughters were young as twelve. The Berlin was the homosexual capital of Europe, I had not heard, nor that sex-change surgery experiments issuing from this place and time.

I knew about the Frankfurt institute, but not about the Institute of Sexology (Institut für Sexualwissenschaft ), the first sex-research institute in the world, which advocated in favor of sodomy and sexual perversion.

The Institute was headed by Magnus Hirschfeld, who since 1897 had run the world’s first homosexual organization Scientific-Humanitarian Committee (Wissenschaftlich-humanitäres Komitee). That he was Jewish did not endear him to the German Student Union, who organized the first public book burning.

Masking the agenda to corrupt honest moral norms as “scientific progress” was not a tired and transparent trick back then: see Neil deGrasse Tyson. See also, Alfred Kinsey.

After the War, the Frankfurt School and all their socialist, atheist, sexually perverse ideas came to America, infiltrated our universities, and did here precisely what they did there.

Some of the more famous books on the Nazi “cancel culture” list include works opposing their program:

  • How I Became a Socialist by Helen Keller — supported socialism, as the title says.
  • The Iron Heel, The Jacket and Martin Eden by Jack London — depicted the rise of fascism in an America eventually freed by a socialist hero.
  • An Appeal to Reason by Thomas Mann — advocating that the cultured bourgeoisie and the working class united against the National Socialists.
  • The Outline of History by HG Wells — not a science fiction work, nor a scholarly work, which promotes socialist historical theory, and explains away religion as irrational taboo-mongering.

Some including works glamorizing pacifism:

  • A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway 
  • All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque


Feel free to discuss this hard topic, but, as always, I ban for anti-Semitism.

Let me be not misunderstood. Anti-Semitism means real anti-Semitism, not what Leftist Newspeak calls anti-Semitism. One is allowed to note and regret the prevalence of atheist Jews in socialist, theosophist, and leftwing cults worldwide (including Objectivism, a paragon of anti-socialism just as cultlike) and to note the harm done to civilization by their mysteriously disproportionate moral influence, without advocating for the extermination of Jews, monotheist and atheist alike.

Let the Alt-Righter take note, and restrain yourself. I do not like banning my guests.