Reminder: The Woke Will Never Wake

Will the Woke ever wake up?

No. Leftwing philosophy is designed with one end in mind: never to wake up.

Leftwing philosophy has several components: political correctness, multiculturalism, subjectivism, wokeness, feminism, critical gender theory, collectivism, theosophist mysticism.

Political Correctness is factual incorrectness, which means, no unpleasing facts will ever be admitted nor repeated.

Multiculturalism says failed societies are the same was successful societies, which mean no lessons about what causes failure or success will ever be learned. Likewise, subjectivism says all statements of fact are matters of opinion: truth is an illusion.

Wokeness is a conspiracy theory that says Whites secretly oppress Blacks by freeing slaves during the Civil War, and passing Civil Rights laws. Feminism is a conspiracy theory that says men oppress women by being fathers and husbands, and women should not be mothers and wives.

Critical Gender Theory says that biological fact is an illusion, and that the mental illness of thinking one is of the opposite sex is reality. Truth is fiction, and madness is truth, in other words.

It is also a conspiracy theory that says evil cis-creatures (i.e. those whose inner souls and outward flesh match) in neolithic times maliciously imposed an oppressive regime of binary sexual identity on all birds, beasts, and plants by means of a social construct.

A conspiracy theory by definition says that all publicly known facts are deceptive, and only the secret inner circle penetrates the illusion, and sees the hidden truth others are too benighted to see.

Collectivism rejects individual responsibility. Criminals are victims of the social system, and victims are the perpetrators. Private property causes theft, gun-ownership causes murder, and marriage causes rape. Laws, police, prisons, all cause crime. Likewise, Jews are Nazis, each and every and all of them, regardless of individual words or deeds. The fact of innocence or guilt never matters, only collective membership.

The First Lady, billionaires, celebrities, film stars and athletes are each of them a victim of oppressions if dark skinned — the fact that they were affirmative-actioned to the head of every line, receiving real and obvious legal and social privileges denied to Whites, is insignificant.

Theosophy is a hash of several esoteric cult-beliefs, including the mystical belief that the world is an illusion, and the hermetic belief that all souls are severed parts of a world-soul which will evolve back into utopian unity once all personal existence is quenched.

If the world is illusion, so is sin, and no one need be condemned for any wrongdoing; likewise, if personal existence is an illusion, so is personal responsibility.

To sum up: political correctness is lying. Multiculturalism is ethical subjectivism is nihilism, which is the hallucination of calling all truth things hallucinations: it is the false idea that real life is false. Wokeness is a conspiracy theory type paranoid delusion in regards to race, feminism in regards to sex, gender theory in regards to sexual deviance.  Collectivism rejects individual praise or blame for any action, for all men are judged by collective membership in groups where no choice exists to join or leave. Theosophy make man god. This delusion is megalomania. It rejects humility, which is the first mother of all truth about reality, just as pride is the father of lies.

Everything is based on rejecting reality and clinging to delusion. Everything in Leftism is lying, self-deception, nihilism, paranoia, megalomania.

Leftism is not a political philosophy. It is self hypnosis.

There is an old Russian saying: One cannot wake a man pretending to sleep.