Men as Livestock

The managerial bureaucracy and civil service currently sets the agenda for major politicians, for the UN and the EU and the WEF, and all national and international organizations attempting to install a New World Order.

This New World Order regards men as fungible, interchangeable, merely resources to be used for given purposes. We are livestock to them.

If the population is aging in one nation, and new and younger workers are needed to pay for their pensions, merely importing a goodly number of units of people is regarded as prudent by the New World Order bureaucrats.

The fact that the migrants have different language, religion, worldview, different values, virtues, vices and cultural identity than do the native born is irrelevant to the bureaucrats.

To them, human life is numbers in a ledger.

To them, we have no right to our traditions, our lore, our way of life. To live alongside neighbors of similar sympathies, tastes, religion, and politics, so that we can continue to participate in the holidays and democratic self-government of our fathers is condemned in the harshest possible terms.

The bureaucrats regard our desire to participate in public life, celebrate our feasts and festivals, pray in gatherings to include the whole community, vote and abide by the vote of fellow men who share our political goals and philosophy of life, and to live and move and have our being among public monuments, popular entertainment, and marketplaces devoted to objects we like and love, that is all condemned in the harshest possible terms.

Loyalty to one’s ancestors, and love for one’s posterity, the desire to carry the golden chain of tradition from past to future, is regarded by them as not merely incomprehensible, but as pernicious. To them, love of nation, love of Christ, love of family and clan is the sole absolute evil in the world: it is xenophobia, Islamophobia, homophobia, transphobia, racist, sexist, bigotry and hatred.

It seems as if they do not understand this simplest and most basic human desire to live in a community with neighbors who do not hate you and scorn your works and ways.  This is what Aristotle means when he says Man is a political animal. This is what the Book of Genesis means when it says it is not good for Man to be alone.

But they do understand it.

Reading their works in their own words, it is clear that they understand it very well, but they hate it. They hate us. They hate Christendom. As an agnostic yourself, you are perhaps colorblind to the religious dimension of this quarrel between nationalism and globalism, populism and elitism, religion and secularism. In fact, the quarrel is between mutually incompatible and mutually exclusive religions: Christ and Antichrist.

The Western Tradition of Christendom sees man as the image and likeness of the Creator, as individuals having an organic place in the body of society, which is directed toward the common good by being directed toward God.

The Esoteric Tradition, from which The French and Russian Revolutions take their inspiration, sees man as the victim and enemy of the Creator, a gnostic figure called the Demiurge. In this case, the secular version of the creator, the thing the collective philosophy says creates man, is society. Society is god to them. All things are social conventions, which society can create and change at will. Language is a social convention. Sexual roles are social conventions. Truth, beauty, and virtue are social conventions. Ultimately, everything is a social convention, and hence, in this worldview, social conventions create reality.

This is why modern Gender Theory says a man is a woman provided society says so. This is why, if you or I or any single individual defies social convention, we are not merely nonconformist, we are blasphemers and heretics.

This is why modern Keynesian economics says goods can be consumed before they are produced, or why socialist say prices and wages can be set arbitrarily, by a central commissar, regardless of supply and demand, regardless of reality. If you disagree, you are not an economist, you are a blasphemer.

This is why modern aesthetic theory says ugliness is beautiful and a toilet can hang in an art museum. If you disagree, you are not an art lover, you are a blasphemer.

Because to doubt the ability of society to change male to female, poverty to property, junk to art, merely by the power of say-so is to doubt the omnipotence of their secular idol, society.

And by “society” they mean themselves.

So they understand it very, very well. Tradition, truth, cause and effect, and all aspects of living in real life, are blasphemies to them, offenses against their omnipotence of their idol, which is also a looking glass.

They are their own gods.