Shawn Ryan and Tucker Carlson talk Hoaxocracy and Heaven

This is the most interesting and even moving interview this year.

Public figures speaking honestly in public is as rare as a two-tailed comet in Aquarius. Men willing to admit past wrongs, confess the sin of having been deceived, even moreso.

And to let a man speak without interruption? This is like something from long ago, from long lost Atlantis, when newsmen did things called interviews, or had shows that were not scripted and fake.

The struggle against alcohol is one for which I will always have deep sympathy. I am a teetotaler, and always have been, but I know my weakness for other temptations robs me of any impulse to impute this grace to myself. I was protected from the lure of strong drink, for which I am grateful.

The completeness of Tucker’s epiphany is very heartening. I suffered similar eye opening experiences. Things I once dismissed as conspiracy theories turned out to be conspiracy facts. Even in my most self-righteous Libertarian Cult Days, I wholly supported the CIA and FBI, and Desert Storm.

I am pleased to see public figures see and speak of the war in the Unseen Order, the powers and principalities and authorities of this present darkness.

Aslan is on the move. The cold and crazy white witches, daughters of giants and djinn, who claim unlawful rulership over the land now quail at the sign of flowers blooming in the melting snow.