Lost on the Last Continent Appendices

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Appendix A: Map of Pangaea Ultima

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Appendix B: Timeline of Futurity



First EraFIRST MEN300,000 BCMankind subject to disease, insanity. Undesigned.
Neolithic5th Millennium BC Quaternary Ice Age
57th c BCGnophkeh of CatalhoyukCannibals with bone weapons
55th c BCNaacal of MuAndrogynous Shield Maidens
50th c BCKumari of LemuriaPygmies with bull-roarers
Purebreds4th Millennium BC to 1st Millennium AD 
40th c BCAzaës son of Atlas of AtlantisGreek hoplite panoply
30th c BCCynisca daughter of Cyrene of AtlantisSeeress. Manifests astral eidolon.
30th c BCLemuriansAstra Weapons
25th c BCKshatriyaAn ancient city of Dvarala submerged in the sea
20th c BCGilbert Islander WarriorsShark-skin armor
6th c ADDahut of YsBerserkers
8th c ADIrem of the PillarsIron Chariots
9th c ADVinetalingsVineta beneath the Baltic
2nd Millennium AD
13th c ADFyodor PoyarokKitezh on lake Svetloyar
14th c ADBeast-lords of ElelinEl Dorado
15th c ADAztecs of AztlanJaguar-Knights
17th c ADMeido Michi-no-O of TogenkyoSamurai
18th c ADSing-Shi, the Vengeful Widowwife of Sing-Ye
HybridsHuman breeds intermingled
3rd Millennium AD
21st c ADCol. Preston LostVeteran of the China War
26th c ADNevil Kingston-BrownAustralian physicist
6th Millennium AD
AD 5000Savant-Captain Tsan of World Empire of Tsan-ChanFire weapons
15th to 21st Millennium AD
AD 14,000 to  20,000Dark ConquerorsEnergy weapons
AD 16000Nug-Ma’atUr-stones
AD 20,000Last of the Dark ConquersDiabolism. Living weapons
21st to 99th Millennium AD

End of the First Myriad: Civilization in eclipse.
2nd to 5th Myriad ADQuinary Ice Age
AD 100,000 to 400,000The PantarchyLunar military bases established.
Circa 200,000Seven Score of Aleph LineLunarian
AD 500, 000The Apocalypse of DarknessFirst Near-Extinction of Man
7th Myriad AD
AD 600, 000ProgeriansMen are grown by 7; Wed by 14; Gray by 21
AD 610,000 to 650,000Methuseleans:
All-Stone, Raad
Five to twenty times normal human lifespan
8th Myriad AD
AD 700, 000Patagonians Reconstitution of Man
Normal lifespan restored
Circa 750, 000An unnamed soldierShield-gun matter-exploder weapon dates from this period
AD 800, 000Apocalypse of FireSecond Near-Extinction of Man
9th to 11th Myriad AD
AD 800,000 to 1,000,000division into
Feugians and Siberians
Reemergence of Man. Equatorial regions uninhabited
AD 802701MorlocksNocturnal, subterranean variant of Feugian
Second AgeSECOND MENAD 1 to 2 MillionAnakim or Ipotane: Ushahin, VanantDesigned for justice. Spline gun.
Third AgeTHIRD MENAD 2 to 4 millionEmim, or Terrors:
Ahara, Vkra, Sinhika, Son of the Wind
Designed for compassion, affinity with nature. Extra acute senses. Wasp-throwers.
Fourth AgeFOURTH MENAD 4 to 7 millionRephaim, Green Men or Phantoms:


Designed for prudence. Immortal. Built Final Unit, other self-aware machines. Time travel. Microscopic energy weapons.
Fifth AgeFIFTH MENAD 7 to 15 millionGibborim, Gargantuans, or Mighty Ones:

Tlatoc, Zipacna, Grind

Designed for fortitude, affinity with the supernatural. Altered their children to erase instinctive fear of death. Armed with electric wands.
Pelagic EpochSIXTH MENAD 15 to 30 millionNephidim, Descenders or Amphibian Men:
Sobek/ Emogoalekc
Designed for moderation. Sophisticated miniaturized vitalistic technology. Armed with infrasonics.
Boreal EpochSEVENTH MENAD 30 to 60 millionZamzummim, Ascenders or Winged Men: Cucuio, Ercinee, BasanDesigned for hope. Antigravity technology, wind control. Armed with wind-lances.
Egregorine PeriodEIGHTH MENAD 60 to 125 millionEljo, Grigorim, or Watchers:

Samyaza, Gadreel

Designed for peace and unity. Asexual. Armed with force auras
Laurasian PeriodFINAL MENAD 125 to 150 millionAvim, Devastators, Final Man.Designed for liberty. Anarchic subterranean hermaphrodite cyborgs
Pangaean PeriodAD 150 to 250 millionSurface rendered uninhabitable by the Devastators.


Notable events in the Pangaean Period:

  • Time Tesseract discovered by the Final Men.
  • Greater Resurrection.
  • Pangaea repopulated with creatures from prior geologic ages, including man
  • Second Time Paradox disaster. Final Men in eclipse.
  • Watcher-Phantom War. Watchers driven into Alaska by the Phantoms.
  • Eighth Men ally with the Fifth Men. Progress Advocacy formed.
  • Time Directional Integration Engine falls into Watcher control. Time Tesseract hides itself. However, Gate of Eternity remains in Watcher control.
  • Watcher time raids begin. Abductions limited to disaster sites as Atlantis, Lemuria, &c.
  • Investigations into afterlife open an alliance between Watchers and Macrobes.
  • Suicide of the Fourth Men. Towers of Immortality toppled.
  • Triumph of the Advocacy.
  • Empire expands. First Men reduced to degrading servitude.
  • Advent of Colonel Preston Lost, big game hunter.
  • Ideal Commonwealth established. Francis the Hermit, first President.
  • Marriage of Colonel Preston Lost and Cynisca the Seeress (parents of His Holiness, Pope Theodosius the Conqueror).


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Appendix C: Names and Place Names

DRAMATIS PERSONAE (in order of appearance or mention)

Characters and object with speaking roles are in bold font.

Colonel Preston Makepeace Lost

Shooting Star VII. His aerospace plane

Smiley — Cy the Smiling Saber-toothed Simian aka Maruti the Son of the Wind, Tribe of the Sunset Wind, aka Francis.

Tlatoc of Nagual —Fifth Man. His rank is Intendant.

Last Unit of the Eternal Machine.

Zipacna the Sportsman.


Savant-Captain Tsan of  Most Glorious Tsan-Chan, Honors Mountain-of-Glory, a votive man-at-arms and barbute of the Pure Lineage.

Meido Michi-no-O, the King of the Road to Death, of the warrior clan of Togenkyo, the Island of Peach Blossom Springs.

Squad-leader Azaës of Atlantis, a decendant of Atlas.

O’ope’ape’a the Hoary Bat.

Fyodor Poyarok of Greater Kitezh of Lake Svetloyar (Theodore Lambswool) aka Lambswool of the Lake of the Light.

Warden Ahara — A Terror of the bloodline of Andhaka the Darkener.

Vkra of the modified blood of Vakasura of the Itinerant Lifesmith clan of Terrors, but among the underlings, called Papajit of Crooked Cunning.

Mandator Krura, keeper of the hives. Wears a veil.

Mandator Kuhoo, keeper of the kennels. Wields a whip.

Mitha and Marutvasura are the younger and older physicians in the infirmary tent.

Cynisca of Atlantis — Seeress, and daughter of Cyrene and Idmon the Seer.

Iaia Lord A’a of L’ra-R’lin-A’a — An Eighth Man. Cynisca’s owner and bridegroom.

Ushahin — the Second Man who is a palanquin bearer along with Preston

Lady Sinhika —  a Terror. Nursemaid for expensive but bratty children.

Cucuio of the Ascenders — a prince of the Phratry of Achiyalabopa.

Eien the Last Immortal, aka the Green Man.

VARIOUS FINAL MEN. (Temporary nicknames only):

Horn — an Armadillo man with a unicycle pegleg

Hoar — a spider-limbed Cyclopes

Bore — a metal man with insect jaws

Yean — a prune-faced vulture man

Lean — a frog-faced hippopotamus man

Aim — a man with crablike eyestalks

Maim — a man coated in porcupine quills












Compliant Gold-ringed Rod — A weapon of the exultant rank, crafted by the Third Men heretics.

Ercinee son of Simurgh of the Ascenders, emissary of the Phratry of Achiyalabopa.

Eztli of Ixquich — a Fifth Man.

Xic of Xibalba — a Fifth Man.

Temicxoch of the Dream Flower — a lady of the Fifth Man race.

All-Stone — a Methuselean enthralled to the Terrors, freed by Preston.

Sobek — the oath-name of a Sixth Man in service to Grind Goldtooth. His self-name is Emogoalekc.

Uzarin — a Second Man. Harem guard of the Widow’s Tower in Threno.

Samyaza — an Eighth Man. Pilot of the dreadnaught levitation vessel Ever Defiant of Entropy

Peter the Delver — A Final Man with a permanent name. An agent of Eien.

Gadreel — Pilot of Iaia Lord A’a of L’rin-R’lin-A’aa

The Voice in the Dark — an Advocate advising the Watchersa


Sing-Shi — the Vengeful Widow. Captain of the Yu-Shenzhoua

Pheleg — Feugian Captain of the Reprisala

Vanant — Siberian Captain of the Stormwolfa

Dogbane — Inca Captain of the Nightshadea

Roc — Methuselean Captain of the Cockatricea

Satavaesa — Ipotane Captain of the Happy Fortunea

Grind Goldtooth (Tecini Teocuitlatltlantli) — Mighty Captain of the Tosspot

Grind’s Relations:

Tlatoc of Nagual — Grind’s brother.

Chaac — Grind’s son. Disintegrated by the Last Unit.

Tzopelic — Grind’s grandfather, who owned the Han.

Quiyahuitl — Grind’s cousin, who owns the Naacal.

Tetli —  His step-sister’s uncle who owns the Troglodytes.

Xipil — His other step-sister’s uncle who own the Kumari.

Ichtaca of Ometeotl — A more distant relative who owns the Lemurians.

Others Mighty Ones:

Zipacna the Sportsman — Owner of the gladiator squad sent after Lost, including Fyodor.

Ilhicamina — A grand inquisitor who killed the family of Grind Goldtooth.

Ahuitl clan —  A sewing circle of old women who own the Ys.

Tletl Tohtli of Nagual, the Fire Falcon —  Owns the Elelin.

Tlacatecolotl —  The castellan of Xurac Phthia, who slew the Widow’s husband, Sing-Ye.

Meztli of Yohualticetl— A legendary leader of the first lunar expedition mounted by the Mighty Ones.


From Preston’s Past:

— Makepeace Loest, Preston’s grandfather.

—Black Knife Velasquez, an Apache tribal chairman.

— Roy Chapman Andrews, an American explorer, adventurer, and naturalist.

From Fyodor’s Past:

—Prince Vsevolod, son of Grand Prince Yuri of Vladimir.

—Burundai and Bedyai (Tatar princes).

—Griska, the town drunk.

—the princess Fevroniya.

From Cynisca’s Past:

— Cyrene, her mother.

— Idmon the Seer of the House of Elasippus, her Father.

— Atlas, first King of Atlantis.

— Xisuthras, last King of Atlantis.

— Cleito, mother of the Atlanteans. Bride of the seagod.

— Evenor, first man.

— Pandora, his wife


Land of Lamentations.

The River of Weeping Women.

Wretched Desolation Wood.

The Sea of the Sea-Crone aka Tethys.

Progress Advocacy of the Tethys Empire aka The Empire of the Mighty.

Megalopolis of the Immortals.

The Land of Dead Immortals.

Orogeny —  a chaotic region of mountains, impassible save by air.

Gondwana — the northern half of Pangaea.

Laurasia — the southern half of Pangaea.

The world-ocean of Panthalassa.

Bog of Sluggish Dead.

City of Swift Death aka Threnoxaphnicopolis aka Threno.

Nagual — a large and wealthy province of the Empire.

Fortress Names:

Xurac Tlal (Fortress of Strong Wood Palings). A mining outpost.

Xurac Phthia (Fortress of the Unwinking Eye).

Xurac Xur (Fortress of Fortresses).

Xurac Xuracuccac (Final Fortress of Fortresses).

Xurac A’a (Fortress of Despair).

Walled City Names

Xur Cauac (Walled City where Sobbing Girls are Sold).

Xur Coatl Camatl (The Walled City of the Venomous Serpent’s Mouth) — lies at the mouth of the Venomous Serpentine River.


Gadir — a region to the east of Atlantis, a land of fruit trees.

Ypsiloron —  the central, sacred mountain.

Uranian River — issues from the mountain slopes where the Pegasus smote the stone with his hoof, as he departed the Earth forever.

Poseidonis — a lake region to the North of Atlantis.


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