Castro Retires

Reuters has the story.
I cannot tell you what pain it causes me to type those two words “Castro Retires” rather than the two words, in a juster world, that would be reported in the new this day: “Castro Hanged.”

The angels in heaven weep tears of blood whenever a tyrant dies comfortably in his bed, as Stalin did, surrounded by the praise and adoration of sycophants, while the countless skulls of his victims lie moldering in unmarked mass graves, the countless slaves languish in chains, both visible and invisible.

The refugees who died at sea swimming to find the land of freedom, martyrs of liberty, will ask the Americans, when we stand before the blazing judgment seat of glory, why there were not at least an equal number of us willing to die while swimming the other way, with a rifle or at least a knife, that we might commit that most laudable of all political acts, tyrannicide.   What strength did we lack? What opportunity did we lack?

If Castro had put a Nazi Swastika on his nation’s flag, but in every other way acted just as he had, do you think the Free World would have so nonchalantly withheld its hand, and let this evil for so long flourish?