Less of the Same

From a reader with the elevated name of Tall Dave:

I suppose I understand the need to read and respond to such things, and I’m sure I could not resist the call to do the same, and I don’t offer this as advice, but I have to say that reading books like Somewhither I cannot escape an overwhelming certainty that Mr. Wright’s critics — and I include GRRM — and their criticisms are not worth the author’s writing time we readers lose in their consideration, nor worthy of said consideration, and I feel deep remorse for our fallen state that allows such debased thievery.

Alas, but one of my patrons and employers has caught me dithering during work hours. I accept the correction without complaint.

Expect fewer or no references to Sad Puppies in the days and weeks to come. I managed to crank out over a third of my next novel in the last two weeks while I was unemployed, and, thanks to providence, I also have found a new day job I begin this Tuesday.

So my columns here for a while may be sparse. My books will last long after this controversy is forgotten.