I Am Everybody

In case anyone is wondering, this is precisely my same conclusions about gun control efforts in America.

Here is one Mr. Mark Robinson, who gives an impassioned speech that had me cheering.

This is also why I regard white separatism and white supremacy to be leftwing policies which, for reasons best known to them, leftists pretend are rightwing.

But leftism, at its root, means collectivism. It means identity politics. It means being shallow. It means being brain-dead while boasting like a wily cartoon coyote about being a super-genius.

It means claiming history has a direction. No one is surprised that this allegedly scientific observation of “history” always promises inevitable victory to the party of the partisan making the claim.

Claiming that victory is inevitable and then, in the next breath, demanding we join their efforts toward victory is also a common trope and touchstone of leftism.

But if it is inevitable, you don’t need my help, do you, Nostradamus?

We on the rightwing judge all men by the content of their character. That is the definition of conservative philosophy. We hold it to be self-evident that all men are created equal.

Before you object that not all men are equal because some men are born finer of wit or stronger of limb than others, some have rich fathers, and so on, please shut your stupid mouth, because everyone is sick of your damnable idiotic spew.

Equality, when we are talking about laws, means legal equality.

That is all it means, and all it has ever meant: the rich man’s mansion is protected from trespass by the same law that protects the hovel of a peon. My title own a penny is equal to your title to own a diamond. That is what equality means. It does not mean a diamond is worth a penny nor that a hovel enjoys the same vista, conveniences and square-footage as a mansion.

Equality means no white privilege and no affirmative action. It means no hate crime laws, no hate speech laws, and no sanctuary cities. It means guilt or innocence is judged by your acts, not your identity.

Equality does not mean all men get participation trophies. It does not mean bad luck or bad rainfall cannot wipe out your farm. It does not mean you will be as popular as a movie actor or as fit as a pro athlete.

Equality does not mean envy.

When a Leftist talks about equality, he means winners and producers are held in higher esteem than losers and dependent. He means the rich are richer than the poor. He means normal people are held in higher esteem that abnormal. He mean sane people are saner than sick people. He means soldiers and police protect civilians from invaders and criminals. He means that happily married men are happier than social outcasts, freaks, and sexual deviants.

And the Leftist hates what he envies. Why else rejoice at the death of the innocent? Why else lionize criminals, and praise terrorists? Why else applaud whenever a jihadist kills a Jew?

Whenever a Leftist talks about equality, he lies.

Equality means we have no kings above us, and we have no slaves below us. We do not believe any man is born to the elite, and we do not believe any man is born to the elect.

Equality means you are not born into your job. The prince is not born to the purple, the thrall is not born to the chain. Nor does equality mean the coalminer’s daughter will automatically be a singing star. It means only that she is not barred by that profession by birth.

Equality means you are not born into your role in life.

Leftists are the opposite. Monarchists are the opposite. Race-baiters are the opposite. Racists are the opposite. Eugenicists are the opposite. Each in his own way, and for different reasons, want to separate mankind into opposing camps: victor and victim, capitalist and proletarian, noble and peasant, master-race and untermenschen, pure bloods and mongrels.

Each in his own way, and for different reasons, has a role mapped out by birth for some or for all. For the Leftist, being born male means you are a rapist, even if you abstain outside marriage and are chaste within. For the monarchist, being born of a working class father means you lack the natural right to bear arms. For the race-baiter, being born white puts you in the role of the privileged oppressor, even if you’ve never done anything wrong. For the racist, being born Spanish means that you are (somehow) non-European, and therefore inferior and untouchable, even though, again, you’ve never done anything wrong.

The whole point of collectivism in all its forms is to reward the guilty for being guilty and to punish the innocent on the grounds of their innocent.

Do not be deceived by the mutual hatred of these various brands. Just because Communism and Fascism wave different flags and despise each other does not mean one is not a heresy of the other. Both bow to the same idol: collectivism, big government, gun control. Shiite and Sunni hate each other, and so do orcs and uruk-hai, but they will drop their quarrel in an instant to kill any man of the West.

If you want to claim the content of a man’s character, his honesty, his moral stature, his righteousness in the eyes of God, his natural rights in the eyes of the law, are determined by his bloodline, his genetic composition, by his score on childhood I.Q. tests, by his astrological horoscope,  by the shape of bumps on his skull, or by any other factor outside human control, be my guest. Frankly, I do not know what causes men to differ in their skills and talents, sins and virtues, and I do not care.

All that matters to me is his performance, his honesty, his honor, his human nature. The crappy junk science and superstition that leftwingers used as substitute sacred icons standing in the place of Christ means nothing to me. It means nothing to any sane man.

But the reason why I am not a Leftist, not a collectivist, and the reason why it is with contempt I condemn all forms of identity politics from monarchy to so called race realism and everything of that type — especially including those leftwing  national socialist policies liars insist on labeling ‘rightwing’ despite that such policies are the mere opposite of every principle for which the rightwing stands, the mere opposite of every word in the Constitution, every case in the Common Law, and every verse the King James Bible — the reason for my contempt is because because the words Mr. Mark Robinson says are heaven’s own truth.

And if you won’t listen to him because he is black, you are a Leftist. You are part of the problem destroying this nation and destroying Western Civilization. Leftism is racism, whether it is the racism of getting blacks to hate whites or getting whites to hate blacks.

Leftism is blind. Leftism only sees color. We who walk by faith, we who are American, we who are civilized, we who have a common sense of decency and a common sense of fairness, we see the spirit.

God bless the spirit that gave Mr. Robinson these words to say.