In Case You Needed Some Good News

In real life, we now live in an economy that is picking up steam, our administration takes seriously the central tasks of government, which is to defend the citizens from invasions aboard and criminal threats at home. Crime rates are down, mass shootings are down, abortions are down to the lowest level since Roe v Wade, unemployment among Blacks is down to the lowest rate on record, North Korea is being brought to heel, ISIS is smashed.

The Left has entirely retreated from any semblance of rational argument, we have swept them away. If you have seen chubby blue-haired slatterns wearing pink hats mimicking private parts, and heard them screaming helplessly at the sky, do not fret: this is the famed lamentation of their women you hear hears when your enemies are driven before you.

To be sure, much harder work is ahead, and struggles more fierce. While Fake News is bleeding out its last, Fake Hollywood is wounded with a deep wound, but the massive mountains of Fake Universities loom darkly above. Collaborators and Quislings among the GOP Establishment should be treated with due mercy: I suggest they be beheaded, drawn and quartered, their family holdings confiscated by attainder of the blood, and their body parts flung on the burning pyramid of fragile unborn baby bodies heaped up behind the abortion mills in the valley of Tophet, yes, those same abortion mills which the GOP leaders spend so much time and effort to keep open. The eyes of Nemesis do not blink. Their hour will come.

But for now, the world looks rosy, originalist judges are on the bench, regulations by the metric ton on burning on the ashheap, God is in his heaven, and the sun shines brightly on the Land of the Free.

But in the mainstream news, few know and fewer gives a flying stinkwad what they are yammering about. I believe the headline story today was that the Second Angel of the Apocalypse after the breaking of the seals just this morning sounded the second trumpet, and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea: and the third part of the sea became blood; and the third part of the creatures which were in the sea, and had life, died; and the third part of the ships were destroyed. Either that or something about Donald Trump, Paris Climate Change, Russian Collusion, and Stormy Putin. One or the other. Each is portrayed as equally dire by the loyal stenographers in the Democrat National Committee sacred congregation for the propagation of the faith.

So, just in case you read the news and are unhappy at how bad things are in “Matrix” (the pretend-world in which the Dems and their gullible victims live is called), it is time for cheering real-world news about something important for a change.

Larry Correia has delivered his manuscript for the sequel to SON OF THE BLACK SWORD, a volume with the awesome title HOUSE OF ASSASSINS, to the publisher!

The long wait will shortly be over!

Oh Frabjous Day! Callooh Callay!!

Do you doubt the awesomeness of the Mountain Who Writes? It can be proven scientifistically, O doubting one!

Here is the famous Periodic Table of aAesome used by scientistic minds to measure such things.

Let us count what is in SON OF THE BLACK SWORD, shall we?

First, Ninjas with an atomic weight of awesomeness of 2. Batman and Chuck Norris are about level with Ashok, so that is a double word score of 13. Beer is drunk. Pirates are also drunk, but not in the same way, since the only thing that comes from the sea in Ashok’s world are vile space demons.  Throwing Stars, Kung Fu, Lightspeed and Space — more is implied than is openly said about those last two, so let us not rush to awesome. As for the higher elements of Storm, Lightning, Fire, the early signs are that SON OF THE BLACK SWORD holds more than a six-demon bag.

The Sword in this case is not only haunted, bloodthirsty, alive and cursed, but is named after a badass sword from and obscure stave of Norse Mythology, Angurvadel, and so earns a triple word score.

Aliens, maybe. Bounty Hunter, for sure. As for Dinosaur, Shark, Dragon, Giant Squids? Its got those all rolled up into one in terms of the Baddies. Yingyang? Yes. Scars? Yes. Skulls? Too many to count. Subtle digs against the atheist, totalitarian, gun-control, brain-control nonsense of the orcs? Those do not count, but I like them.

So added all this numbers up? I cannot tell, because my Babbage machine came to life by itself, evolved intelligence, became a science fiction fan, and is hogging my copy of the book.

But I think it is safe to say that the score is over Nine Thousand!

Also, clean, sharp, terrific action, three-dimensional personalities adroitly and clearly depicted, intrigue, a sense of wonder, a sense of dread… SON OF THE BLACK SWORD is the best thing Larry Correia, who has written gangbusters of damned fine books, has ever written. I bow, not to the Egyptian cat-goddess Bast in thanks, but to the NRA Second-Amendment god Blast.

Someone tell me if this is available for preorder.