Sharing the Starquest Campaign

Hello and welcome to the Starquest campaign!

You can find Starquest on Indiegogo here.


Have you been disappointed by the drab way space sagas franchises and the beloved epics of childhood have been treated? STARQUEST is an homage and a return to those epic space yarns of yore–when men were men, and women were space princesses.

And, YES, there will be space princesses!

With thanks to Ben Zwycky for the video!

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Want to help make this a reality?

A lovely and kind fan named Iris Paustian donated some gifts from Zazzle for us to share with those who help us spread the word. Whenever you spread the word, and you let us know, your name will be added into a drawing for a gratitude gift that will be held once every four days and once final time for a grand prize at the end. We may also give a prize any individuals who go beyond the call.

To have your name included for a drawing for a gratitude gift you can:

  •      Share Jagi’s Facebook posts about Starquest
  •      Retweet Jagi’s Tweets about Starquest
  •      Post the link to  your share in the Starquest Facebook Group.
  •      Post the link to your share in the comments here
  •     Email share link to Gmail, username: arhyalon

Thank you and may the Will of the Stars watch over you!

Here is a selection of gratitude gifts. (A few are still wrapped in plastic, hence the glare.)

Grand Prize: Hardcover of GREEN KNIGHT’S SQUIRE plus a swan pillow, and other goodies.