Conan Canon

Below is a list of reviews of the canonical and complete Robert E Howard Conan stories, including Red Nails, the last one published in his lifetime. As time permits, the list grows and the links will become active.

The list is chronological and includes essays on Conan, and links to online sites where the originals are in the public domain.


00Conan and the Criticintro
01The Phoenix on the Sword1932 DecHTML1HTML2EPUB
02The Scarlet Citadel1933 JanHTML1HTML2EPUB
03The Tower of the Elephant1933 MarHTML1HTML2EPUB
04Black Colossus1933 JunHTML1HTML2EPUB
05Xuthal of the Dusk (The Slithering Shadow)1933 SepHTML1HTML2EPUB
06The Pool of the Black One1933 OctHTML1HTML2EPUB
07Rogues in the House1934 JanHTML1HTML2EPUB
08The Frost-Giant’s Daughter1934 MarHTML1HTML2EPUB
09Iron Shadows in the Moon1934 AprHTML1HTML2EPUB
10Queen of the Black Coast
00Conan and the Godsessay——————
11The Devil in Iron1934 AugHTML1HTML2EPUB
12The People of the Black Circle1934 SepHTML1HTML2EPUB
13A Witch Shall Be Born1934 DecHTML1HTML2Wiki
14Jewels of Gwahlur1935 MarHTML1HTML2EPUB
15Beyond the Black River1935 MayHTML1HTML2EPUB
16Man-Eaters of Zamboula1935 NovHTML1HTML2EPUB
17The Hour of the Dragon1935 DecHTML1HTML2EPUB
18Red Nails1936 JulHTML1HTML2EPUB
19The God in the Bowl1952 SepHTML1HTML2EPUB
20The Black Stranger1953 MarHTML1HTML2EPUB
The Hyborian Age — Conan’s World1936HTML1HTML2EPUB