So what are those perks?


We have added two new perks
for those who requested signed copies of all four books!


Jagi again — only a few days left on the Starquest Campaign, then you can get John and his normal posts back.

Some people have asked what the perks are, not realizing that more info comes up if you click on them. Here they are!

Slug Farmer                                         $1
Great things come from lowly beginnings. Jaywind Starquest himself began life as a slug farmer. No reward at this level except for our gratitude for showing faith and adding to the backer count.

Star Patrolman                                     $10
Receive complete ebook of Starquest #1 before it goes on sale for the public.

Pirate-Hunter                                       $25
Includes a pre-release ebook and a signed copy of the trade paper version when it becomes available.

Templar Squire                                     $40
Templars know the will of the stars. Even the squires understand good from evil. Included with this is an ebook of The Last Straw, John C. Wright’s 16 Chapter review of The Last Jedi. (An audio version of The Last Straw, read by Cooking with the Celts star Ken Dickason, is included.)

Privateer                                               $50
Privateers stop pirates and bad spelling! Join the creative team by getting a chance to read Starquest #1 before it is finalized, giving you a chance to see it first–and to comment on any mistakes you might catch

Templar Master                                     $125
Templar Masters have powers undreamed of–including the ability to alter history by naming a minor character or historical hero. (Name must be one that fits the Starquest universe.)

Star Captain or Space Princess             $250
Be in the book! Appear as a Space Pirate or other minor character. Names may need to be altered to fit milieu: example John Williams might become Pirate Johnny Will. Creative team will work with contributors to find appropriate presentation. (Or, you may choose to appear in the Moth and Cobweb or Books of Unexpected Enlightenment series.)

Star Maiden                                         $500
Have a John C. Wright book (not Starquest) dedicated to you. John has several books waiting to come out that need covers, including The Last Straw, two collections of non-fiction articles, a collection of short stories, and more. This will cover the price of a cover, and the book that cover is used on will be dedicated to you!

Galactic Emperor                                   $750
Have a book dedicated to you! Donate enough for an entire cover and have a Starquest book dedicated to you! From now until eternity you will be able to show all and sundry your name displayed with a testament of gratitude on the Dedication Page of the novel. (Four Starquest novels are planned currently. Only four of these available.)

Templar Grandmaster                 $2000
Commission a Short Story! The Grandmaster knows secrets known only to the Will of the Stars. Commission John C. Wright or L. Jagi Lamplighter to write a story for you, either about one of their existing characters or another topic to be mutually agreed upon. (Copyrights to the story remains with the author.)