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New Options for Subscribers!

Jagi, here:

Some of you have expressed discontent with Patreon and have asked for other ways to support.

Hearing your cries, our brave webmaster has put together a page to allow people to participate in the reward tiers without contributing to Patreon.  This uses PayPal directly, rather than going through Patreon first.

You can find the new page here.

To participate, pick the level of giving from the list above the Subscribe button. (If you click on the arrow, it will appear.) A description of each tier is include below the Subscribe button.

If you wish to participate in the rewards, please write the tier you wish to subscribe to in the Paypal memo space?


Jagi et al in the Wright Household

PS: For those who are dismayed with PayPal as well, John is still investigating other options, including the revived SubscribeStar.

Patreon Query

Hey Folks, Jagi, here. (John is sitting across the room but doesn’t know I’ve snuck in and shanghaied his blog!)

Some months ago, some of you made a bunch of suggestions about John’s Patreon account. I am, finally, trying to act on them.

First, I will try to add a goal–assuming I can negotiate the maze that is Patreon. (For any of you who don’t have a Patreon account, they have changed their creator interface about five times since John started late last spring.)

Second, We want to add some rewards on Patreon, but never really got a clear idea of what people might want. So if there is some kind of reward you would like to see there–let us know! (For anyone who is new to this, by reward, we mean something like: “everyone who pledges $X-amount a month or more gets Y”.

Third, I haven’t forgotten that we’ve promised you a picture drawn by John on the wonderful drawing pad we received. It will happen!



Suggestions so far:

Get to Google Hangout with John once a month
A hoodie
picture of your favorite John C. Wright character
previews of upcoming projects