A must read


“In just a few years, Moroccan women have gone from the miniskirt to the hijab. Interviewed in the French daily Le Monde a few months ago, a Moroccan high school teacher named Soukaina (she said she was afraid to use her last name) said that she no longer recognizes her country. Twenty years ago her high school had only one veiled teacher. Today everyone is veiled, teachers and students alike. Soukaina resigned more than a year ago under subtle pressure from Islamists, who wanted her to wear the hijab. She concluded: “It is only a matter of time until Islamists are leading the country.”

My comment: while people still debate whether “Islamic Fascist” is the correct term to use to desribe the Jihadists, I note only the parallel between this account , and reading the diary of a Jew who lived in Berlin through the Hitler years. Every day there was some new regulation, some new exaction, new curfew, new place he was forbidden to go: the library, the public park. Every day he told himself this insanity could not last, that the German people would rise up and overthrow it.