Titans of Chaos

On sale for pre-order even now! http://www.amazon.com/Titans-Chaos-John-C-Wright/dp/076531648X

Okay, that is just wrong, see? I don’t mind trying to sell my books, indeed, I very much WANT people to sell my books, but the manuscript for TITANS is RIGHT THIS SECOND sitting at home on my dining room table, waiting for me to give it one last correction read-through. This is like putting up Xmas decorations in October. The second book has not even hit the shelves yet. There is just something wrong about that.

But click the link and pre-order 41 copies in hardback for everyone you know and 12 people you don’t know immediately.  According to the ad copy,  I am even more of a hot property than before, and I was up for a Nebbish Award or something, so the story MUST be good.  Is there a spanking scene in this one? No? Too bad. That was the only really good scene in the first book. Who could make heads or tails out of that fourth dimension stuff? I hope the author at least plops the cheesecake girl naked into a bubble bath or something.

Oh, and I am planning a sequel, so Prince Humperdinck does not die at the end of this book. He lives.