To the MOON!

India is planning to send a rocket to the moon by 2008. Science Fiction readers are required to rejoice, or else turn in their memberships.

The USA has done amazing things in the space program, as did USSR, but we did miss the DISCOVERY mission to Jupiter’s Moons by 2001, as had been predicted–and this not due a lack of technology, but through a lack of will, and, sorry NASA, but it is basically your fault.

Its 2006: where is my Orion Drive? It’s been 43 years!  We went from the Wright Brother’s motorized kite to Chuck Yeager’s X-15 supersonic jet flight in 43 years!

Three cheers for India!  Bollywood already makes better movies than Hollywood. Let’s hope their space program excels as well.

You watch: first man on Mars will be named either Mandeep, Arjuna or Ram, unless he’s named Chang, Park, or Kinomoto.  On the other hand, those are all American names, so Uncle Sam might still make it, if the next three administrations cooperate. On the gripping hand, the space program should get more film and television coverage than in 1960 merely because those fields are so much bigger: a wise space program would play up the media angle: so perhaps the first person on Mars will be named Aishwarya or Madhuri, Kareena or Priety.

Brilliant idea! I would tune in to watch the Mars landing if Bollywood filmed it, even if the Superbowl were on opposite, or the Bab 5 Marathon. (‘Cause I can TiVo it and watch it later.)

Aishwarya Rai
ABOVE: Completely gratitous cheescake shot of Aishwarya Rai,
having nothing to do with news item just mentioned.