Sic Semper Tyrranis

In one of my books I wrote a scene where, during an erruption of civil tumult in my fictional America, the baddies who had usurped the government were pleased that DC has gun control and wroth that Virginia had concealed carry. I got more grief from this one line than from any number of controversial things I said. (Sorry, but it is not controversial. It should be obvious even to you Yankees that an armed Virginian is more dangerous to tyrants than an unarmed welfare-serf). I am happy to say that real life has proved this prediction entirely wrong: for those of you who say that Charleston Heston is our President, rejoice! A three-judge D.C. Circuit panel holds that the District of Columbia’s gun control laws violate individuals’ Second Amendment rights. 

More here. Here is the court opinion

Normally, I would be willing to debate the pros and cons of gun rights with the hoplophobes, but, let’s be honest: If you are not armed, who cares what you think? An unarmed man is a serf. You can vote and own property only because some armed man out there somewhere, a better man than you, is willing to fight and die to defend your rights. 

As with all complex legal and constitutional controversies, I ask myself WWOD? What Would Odin Do?

I am asking all my fellow southerners to stockpile arms. We are watching the new Congress with grave attention. If the Union cannot even stomach the few casualties of a third-rate backwater country like Iraq, what are the odds that ya’ll would cut and run if the South were to rise again? The bloodshed of Bull Run would send you running. You don’t have Abraham Lincoln these days.