Geek Hierarchy

For those of you who are members of the legion of world-famous John C. Wright fans who have been wondering, “Where does world-famous Scientifictioneer John C. Wright fit in the Geek Hierachy?” as a public service, the LiveJournal of John C. Wright, world famous author, can now present the Geek Heirarchy, so that his placeon it can be determined. 

Now, if you are one of his legion of fans, and you are wondering, “Gee, am I actually a member of a Legion? I thought the only one who read his books was his Mom.” Or who have been wondering, “World famous? Which world would that be?” or who are wondering “What kind of word is sciencefictioneer? That word is almost hugogernsbeckian in how uncromulent it is.” or who have been wondering, “I’d like some cheese. Yummy.” All your questions and musing can not now be answered. These things must remain a lingering mystery. 

Also, those of you who are wondering, “Why is he talking about himself in the third person? Is he a supervillain? Has his brain been taken over by Wally West due to a psychic brain experiment involving Gorilla Grodd and Dr. Fate gone haywire?” To you I say: “My fellow bad guys!  I, John C. Wright, your leader, will speak now about my, John C. Wright’s, plan–my villainous, villainous plan–question the plan at your peril! Now then: Any questions?”

Without further ado, the Geek Hierarchy. 

Yes! Yes! There I am at the very top of the hierarchy! A published author! 

Er… Of course, on the other hand, there is that peice of lurid fan fiction I wrote where I put my Raccoon- furred Vulcan character named Procyon from my RPG into a Star Trek story, and the evil bare-midriffed Lt. Uhura from the Mirror Mirror universe  and I were transported to the planet Triskeleon, and Gar the drill-thrall ordered her and the crazy green-skinned Orion slave-girl played by Yvonne Craig into the Mating Pits, but I don’t know why anyone would regard that as the most pathetic thing ever. I saved them all with my raccoon nerve-pinch powers. And Kirk was a fuzzy sea lion. 

Okay, so I am at the bottom. But I least we know that Solomon Kane would approve! Right, Sol?

“And I have seen the Moon of Skulls beneath malignant stars
And I have seen pathetic geeks waste all their time, and ours.”