The New Space Princess Movement recruits One New Princess

A reader asks: “Can’t we have a least *one* more update on the Space Princess Literary Movement? It’s a long time until December…”

Why, yes! Your wish is my wish! Let’s see….

Dateline: Sci-Fi channel! Due entirely to the New Space Princess movement spearheaded by bold yet balding author extraordinaire John C. Wright, a new Princess Aura has entered the cannon of those femmes fatale, including Priscilla Lawson and Ornella Muti, who have portrayed Space Princess Aura of Mongo, daughter of the tyrant Ming the Merciless, that thinly-disguised knock off of Fa Lo Souee, daughter of Fu Manchu: her name is Anna Van Hooft

Anna van Hooft as Princess Aura

Preliminary reports indicate that the television version of Flash Gordon will be living up to the Sci Fi Channel’s high standards of excellence! It will be as entertaining, and as true to the source material, as the WIZARD OF EARTHSEA version concocted (so our sources tell us) by Mafia Enforcers when Ursula K. LeGuin could not pay back her loan shark! Rather than break her kneecaps or cut off a finger, Vinny the Painmaker (so source close to the investigation report) decided to make a version of WIZARD OF EARTHSEA calculated to inflict lingering sufferings galore.

Judging merely by her photo, I am sure Miss Van Hooft is easy on the eyes. And yet, how can she compare to other, more alluring portrayers of the cruel-yet-beautiful siren of space?



Click to see Aura seeing Flash for the First Time



On the other hand, I may be able to do the Space Princess movement more good by finishing my current book. Through no fault of my own, I actually have a space princess in the plot: Her Serene Highness Rania of Monaco ( who was artificially conceived and born aboard a starship circling BPM 37093) appears as a major character.