Clockwork Phoenix

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SFScope mentions an anthology in which yours truly has a short story.

Editor Mike Allen reports that he has officially accepted half the contents of his forthcoming anthology Clockwork Phoenix (to be subtitled “Tales of Beauty and Strangeness”). The book is scheduled to be published by Norilana Books later this Spring, and he’s no longer receiving submissions.

The stories definitely making the cut, in alphabetical order, are:
“The Occultation” by Laird Barron
“Bell, Book and Candle” by Leah Bobet
“All the Little Gods We Are” by John Grant
“The Woman” by Tanith Lee
“Old Foss is the Name of His Cat” by David Sandner
“There is a Monster Under Helen’s Bed” by Ekaterina Sedia
“Palisade” by Cat Sparks
“The City of Blind Delight” by Catherynne Valente
“Choosers of the Slain” by John C. Wright

Allen notes that “I have quite a bit still to sort through (and some potentially agonizing decisions) before I settle for sure on what’s in the other half.”