Is Science Fiction antithetical to Religion?

The fine fellows at SfSignal asked my to join their “Mind Meld” where famous (or obscure) science fiction figures are asked profound or profoundly unserious questions about the field.

My answer, which you can click to the link to see, is that Science Fiction is the TOOL OF THE DEVIL! Harry Potter books, as we all know, have led to the overthrow of the American government. Reading C.S. Lewis has led to the usurpation of all sovereign powers by the U.N. under that charismatic leader we call THE BEAST, who was wounded, and yet came back to life on national television. Because of the popularity of J.R.R. Tolkien, there have been earthquakes in diverse places, and the sun has gone black, and a third of the stars have fallen. Good thing even the Elect will not be deceived! I believe it when someone says, “Lo! He is there!” I rush right out and get the tee-shirt. In any case, I have joined a Black Mass that worships Gandalf the White, our Wizarding Lord!

He is the new profession of faith, which I received as a disciple of my Lord Voldemort:

I believe in Eru, maker of Middle Earth,
And in Mithrandir, his Istari, Our Lord,
Who came from the Blessed Land,
Struggled with the Balrog, Was Burned with a Whip of Fire, and Fell at the Bridge of Khazad Dum!
In Book Three, during that long boring bit in Rohan, he rose again from the dead
He sailed back to the Blessed Lands,
Where he sitteth in a nice window seat overlooking Mount Everwhite
I believe in the Secret Flame of Anor
The Communion of Wizards, the Healing of Harms,
and the Life of the Elves. In Frodo’s Name, Anwnave.

Okay, okay, just kidding. There are absolute no religious themes or symbols in any science fiction story. Not one. But let us review a few other credoes before we close, shall we?

I believe in Michael Valentine Smith, the Man from Mars, and the Old Ones from whom he came. He was chased by the police, taught way cool psychic powers to Jill, was hounded by mobs, and was stoned to death. He shows up in heaven wearing a halo. I believe in cannibalism, and in sexual liberation, and that I am God!

I believe in Klaatu, the space man. He was hounded by the army, shot with bullets, and lay to rest in a jail cell. In the third reel he rose again from the dead, thanks to thank way cool gizmo run by Gort. I believe atomic weapons cannot be used against other planets. Klaatu Barada Nikto!

I believe in Spock. He sacrificed himself to save the Enterprise, placed his soul in Bones McCoy, and saved the ship. In the Third Movie he rose again from the dead, thanks to the Genesis Torpedo. I believe in the Prime Directive, the inter-fertility of all humanoid life, and in the Organian Peace Treaty. Idic!

I believe in Blackie DuQense. Even though he was disembodied as a Pure Intellectual, trapped in a Zone of Force, frozen in a time status, accelerated out of the galaxy at multiple times the speed of light, and rotated into the fourth dimension, he will return with the Capital D to rule the Earth, and fling all the navies of the world into the Great Salt Lake with tractor beams.

I believe in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She gave her life to save us all fighting an evil goddess. When the show switched to WB, Willow the Witch raised her from the dead. I believe in the singing episode, that Angel will get a soul, and in female empowerment.

I believe in Superman, strange visitor from another planet with powers and abilities far beyond mortal men. He died fighting Apocalypse. Funny, but Clark Kent has been missing since then. I wonder where he is? Supes shall return again from the dead in a funky blue costume.

I believe in Fu Manchu. He survived the explosion of his secret base hidden in a volcano, when the broadcast power mechanism overloaded. The world shall hear from him again.

Thats enough. You can fill in the rest yourselves. There are people who die and return in glory in science fiction and fantasy literature than there ever were in the Bible.

It is common longing on all human hearts, and so cannot be absent either from the greatest literature or the humblest. Life is everlasting, and Death is the last enemy. Those with hope know it to be true, and those without hope wish it were true.