Space Princesses antithetical to Religion?

Whether hard science fiction is friendly to religion or not, is a question with several ramifications. But SPACE OPERA goes hand in hand with religion! Look! An Archbishop wrote one!

Space Vulture
by Gary K. Wolf and Archbishop John J. Myers
Available March 4, 2008, from Tor

Gary K. Wolf, creator of Roger Rabbit, and John J. Myers, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Newark, N.J., are taking you to the far reaches of the galaxy, where the mere mention of the pirate known as Space Vulture strikes fear into every heart, and a hardworking colonist’s only hope is that the dauntless lawman Marshal Victor Corsaire will rocket to the rescue. Come along for the ride and discover all the adventure, suspense, wonder and fun of this rollicking tale of the spaceways.

(theofloinn writes in an asks “But….? Is there a Space Princess????”)