Interesting Statistic on Charitable giving

Let me I pass along to you a statistic reported in the Jewish World Review:

Liberal families earn about 6 percent more than conservative families, yet conservative households donate about 30 percent more to charity than do liberal households. And conservatives give more than just to their own churches and other houses of worship. Conservatives, especially religious conservatives, give far more money and donate more of their time to nonreligious charitable causes than do liberals — especially secular liberals.

Interesting, because it defies the common opinion that conservatives are rich and progressives are poor.

The article goes on:

In 2007, President George W. Bush and his wife had an adjusted gross income of $923,807. They paid $221,635 in taxes, and donated $165,660 to charity ? or 18 percent of their income. Vice President and Mrs. Cheney, in 2007, had a taxable income of $3.04 million. And they paid $602,651 in taxes, and donated $166,547 to charity ? or 5.5 percent of their income.

Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, earned between $200,000 and $300,000 a year between 2000 and 2004, and they donated less than 1 percent to charity. When their income soared to $4.2 million in 2007, their charitable contributions went up to 5 percent.

Joe and Jill Biden, by contrast, made $319,853 and gave $995 to charity in 2007, or 0.3 percent of their income. And that was during the year Biden was running for president. Over the past 10 years, the Bidens earned $2,450,042 and gave $3,690 to charity — or 0.1 percent of their income.

The article also says that the delegates to the DNC wish to raise taxes on the rich, but when asked, named figures less than the rich currently pay.

A U.S. News & World Report blogger went to the Democratic National Convention in Denver and conducted an informal poll of 24 DNC delegates. He asked them, "What should ‘the rich’ pay in income taxes?" Half the respondents said "25 percent"; 25 percent said "20 percent"; 12 percent said "30 percent"; and another 12 percent said "35 percent." The average DNC delegate wanted the rich to pay 25.6 percent, which is lower than what the rich pay now.
In other words, taxes have ALREADY been raised on the rich, and have been raised for years, and the Democrat party members seem not to have noticed.

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P.S. The man writing the article. Mr. Larry Elder, is a gentleman of color, so if you disagree with his conclusions or have an issue with his ideas, you are a racist. There! That will silence all nonconformity!

I believe there is an article appearing in the Kansas City Star which explains the logic: any disagreement with a black man is a code word for racism. I note with approval the universal condemnation that pours from the comments box, unremittingly calling the author, a Mr. Diuguid, to task for the breathtakingly foolish assertions.