Only Posting a Link!

My Jesuit confessor, Father de Casuist, tells me I have to post less on livejournal and get back to writing: I have not one but two books either due or overdue.

However, the good father is still at bible-ninja camp, training to suppress the secrets hidden in the form of ciphers in paintings by Leonardo DaVinci, that St. John the Evangelist was a Jew, and that St. Mary Magdalen was a whore, and that St. Thomas was a skeptic, and that Lazarus was an undead. The Church has ruthlessly suppressed this information for thousands of years, for fear that it would embarrass and humiliate the church to find out that sinners could be found among her founding members.

If only that accursed Dan Brown, fearless Gray Lensman of Civilization, had not revealed the secret that the Merovingian monarchs were descended from the secret love-child of Jesus Christ, a guy named Mordred fitzChrist, also known as ‘Skippy’! Well, good luck with your training, Father de Casuist! Learn how to throw that crucifix-shaped throwing star, or hurl down a thurible filled with incense and vanish in a puff of ninja-smoke! Pope Gharlane of Eddore needs you!

In any case, my point is that he is busy, so I will post a link.

Here is a site that has gathered many of the writings of Theodore Dalrymple. If you have not read his work before, it contains some of the most heartbreaking and insightful words you are likely to read. The site is called The Skeptical Doctor.