A Walk Down Memory Lane with Robert Heinlein

For those of you who are new readers, or old readers with bad memories, here are a few comments (I cannot call them book reviews) I did while I was rereading some famous and beloved Heinlein juveniles. I was curious to see what they looked like through grown-up eyes.

Tunnel In the Sky
Podkayne of Mars
Have Space Suit, Will Travel (first sci fi book I ever read ever.) 
Farmer in the Sky
Door Into Summer
Citizen of the Galaxy
Starship Troopers
Between Planets
Starman Jones

And one nonfiction book
A Tramp Royale (short version: surprisingly charming.)

My comments on Heinlein’s Famous Predictions (short version: surprisingly accurate).

And my rather harsh review of Spider Robinson’s noble but failed attempt to write a posthumous Heinlein collaboration: Variable Star (short version: It stinks.)