Remind me, next time I am with wrath overcome

… To utter these words, instead of any mere trite phrase:

O, were mine eye-balls into bullets turn’d,
That I in rage might shoot them at your faces

Would that I could write lines like that. Or, better yet, shoot bullets from my eyesockets! Or, best of all, do both!

Both! I’d be this really cool writer who could write good lines like that, and then, if Harlan Ellison criticized my work, I would shoot bullets from my eyes RIGHT into his FACE!

And I could be all nonchalant and smoking a cig, and be like, what? And you’d be like, Whoa, Dude, you just totally shot him in the face with your eyeballs! That was Harlan Ellison! He like edited Again, Dangerous Visions!!  And I would be like, Dude. Skullgun! Man’s best friend!

Just remember: Virginia has concealed carry! If you cross a Virginian, he could be packing! IN HIS EYES!