Change? Or Same ol’same ol’?

I read this on kgbman,and I reprint here in full. One of my friends, who calls himself a Catholic, voted for Obama. I wonder if he knew about Obama’s opposition to the child born alive act.

Just like his predecessor President Clinton, President Obama’s first act as president is freeing up taxpayer money to murder children overseas. I would remind all Catholics who voted for Obama that you have a moral duty and obligation – it is not optional in other words – to vocally, publicly, and very loudly oppose the abortion regime in every way you possibly can. All throughout the campaign, liberal Catholics and modern day Richard Rich’s like Doug Kmiec told us that we could vote for Obama in good conscience. Well, now is your opportunity to prove the truth of your words. If Catholics who voted for Obama do not fulfill their moral obligation to oppose abortion by every moral means at their disposal – if we go through the same song and dance routine four years from now about how one can be "personally opposed, but…" – then they will stand convicted before God and man as frauds and liars, and for the good of their souls, they had better repent, confess, and do penance.

KGBMan does not mention the grossly condescending, even insulting words, used by the administration to describe this fiat. Here is a quote: "’For too long, international family planning assistance has been used as a political wedge issue, the subject of a back and forth debate that has served only to divide us,’ Obama said in a statement released by the White House. ‘I have no desire to continue this stale and fruitless debate.’"

. . . So the debate’s over, right? Killing babies in the womb is OK? Using the money from taxpayers with strong personal or religious objections to baby killing is now no longer a controversy worth even the courtesy of debate? I hope every Christian reading this condescending sneer by President Obama understands the grievous insult just done to our religion.

I am not sure if kgbman is correct that President Obama’s very first act was to nullify the Mexico City Policy. I think he made an executive order halting GItmo military tribunals, which may be a preliminary move to free terrorists, once these illegal combatants (not in uniform, no declaration of war) are given the Constitutional rights no state on earth ever in history has awarded to enemies in wartime.

On the other hand, perhaps the administration means not to free the terrorists, but merely to move them elsewhere and continue rendition and Army Field Manual permitted interrogation without the glare of adverse publicity. He also took steps to make sure the sovietization of our entire economy, one segment at a time, is placed on a ‘bailout’ basis rather than free market basis. People with "pull" in Washington, Wesley Mouche and his pals, will get the bailouts. The printing presses will roar nonstop, and existing currency will suffering inflation akin to a secret tax.

For this I blame Bush and the Republicans. The Democrats are merely continuing a policy destructive of the National wellbeing.

If you count what has been spent already, it exceed the cost of the last three wars, the moonshot, and the national highway system.

If you divide the amount of debt incurred by every tax-paying family, the comes out roughly to 3000 dollar or so per family per year. Because the public does not care to learn the basics of economics or civics, no one seems to understand that this is the same as if Uncle Sam took 3000 dollars out of your bank account and gave it to GM and Wells Fargo, due to a mortgage crisis created by Fanny Mae, a government-backed and -sponsored organization. Attempts by Republicans to introduce to Fanny Mae the same regulations private banks are required to obey, were scorned and shot down by Democrats as racist.

Barny Frank and Chris Dodd were the one whose gross negligence orchestrated the Fanny Mae meltdown, and they are now the ranking members of the Senate Finance Committee. Even after the disaster, Fanny Mae is still in business, and the oversight procedures were not revised. Instead the Treasury Department was given the absurdly unconstitutional power to tax the public to any degree it saw fit and direct the money in any way it saw fit to anyone anywhere it saw fit.

Fiat currency is a tax. Whoever thinks the best thing to do during a Depression is to increase government spending, go further into debt, and increase taxes is either an idiot, or a Keynesian.

The Congressional power to raise and spend taxes has just been taken from our representatives as quickly and silently as the power to declare war was taken from them in the Korean War. It is blankly, nakedly, insolently, stupidly, obviously unconstitutional. No one is even making a fig leaf argument that such a power falls under an enumerated power, such as the Commerce Clause, of the Constitution.

President Obama’s advisers have announced that the next blizzard of your money will be spent on roads and bridges, but that the money must not go to skilled workers, or to white male construction workers. Minorities, women, and the long-term unemployed will be employed instead. With no sense of absurdity at all, the same announcement emphasized that he work must be done quickly and skillfully. Now in what way it is that taking money from my boss, or from my customers, or from the stores I patronize, or from my wallet, and giving it to an unemployed negress in Limp Antelope Prong, New Mexico, to repair potholes in Route 66 somehow helps the economy more than tax cuts would, is not explained.

I assume socialized medicine and the Fairness Doctrine are next.