Defunding Useful Research to Fund Useless Research

In reference to another conversation,  oiboyz comments
"President Barack Obama did more on Monday than just force taxpayers to fund embryonic stem cell research that requires the destruction of human life. He also rescinded an executive order President Bush put into place funding adult stem cells and new research with iPS cells."

I had to search quite a while to find that– it looks like the mainstream media is burying that story even more than I thought.

I also searched and searched and did not find it. Kudos to your Google-Fu skills, Oiboyz!

The President characterized this decision as one driven by scientific principles, untainted by ideological basis. As we can see, it is a lie.

The purpose (or the negligently overlooked yet inevitable unindented consequence, take your pick) of the research is to devalue human life, so that the pro-choice lobby (who successfully remove the choice about the baby’s murder from the conscientious doctor, from the baby, from the baby’s father and grandparents, from the informed consent of the mother herself, and from the community and legislatures reluctant to live in a society where human life is held to be without value) can feel swell about their self-image.