Star Trek as good as Star Trek

The new Star Trek movie is not just good, it is excellent. I say this with the full authority of someone whose entirely life was based on Mr. Spock, a fictional character from an imaginary planet. I say this as a man who not only saw "The Questor Tapes" but also "Genesis II" and "Planet Earth". I am a Star Trek fan of the first caliber. I was prepared to dislike and over-react to every minor deviation from the established canon of Holy Saint Roddenberry.

No dislike and no overreaction is needed. The film is good, perhaps great. It is the best version of Star Trek since, well, Star Trek, and I would say the second best of the Trek films, ranked one notch below WRATH OF KHAN.

I will write a review in the near future. Until then, let me merely add one more pair of hands to applaud what turned out to be a very, very pleasant surprise.