The Known Universe by American Museum of Natural History
Here is a video to give you an idea of the expanse in time and space of the known universe. My theist friends will be as awed by this intimation of the size, power, and dignity of the creator of such lovely vastness as my atheists friends will be awed by the magnitude and intricacy of blind nature at work.

Each side will perhaps be astonished that the other does not realize how clearly such magnitude proves either that is must have been made by God or proves that it could not have been.

More importantly, my Cthulhu-worshiping friends will of course be as enraged as am I to see that Pluto, or Yuggoth-on-the-Rim has been cruelly insulted once more by the astronomers and scientists of the vicious Pluto-Haytah cult, who went immediately from making this video to spitting on the grave of Clyde Tombaugh, and marking his tombstone with uncouth graffiti.

On a more personal note, my loyal science fiction fan will be disappointed to hear that my current work-in-progress, which I meant to be large scale, only carries out the plot action to the range of one billion lightyears (farthest mapped galaxies) and I leave the quasars and farther objects unexploded–perhaps my imaginings are still too parochial.