Glen Yeffeth asked me to contribute an essay to his SmartPop book STAR WARS ON TRIAL. I wrote a brief for the prosecution called MAY THE MIDI-CHLORIANS BE WITH YOU; The absence of religion and ethics in Star Wars.

Alexandre O. Philippe then made a documentary on the same theme. He buttonholed me at the Montreal World-Con, and caught my unlovely face on camera, while I spoke on the topic both Ex Tempore and Ad Nauseam.

Mr. Philippe gives this report of the opening:

After four packed and critically acclaimed screenings at SXSW last week (see below), we’re delighted to announce that THE PEOPLE vs. GEORGE LUCAS will be introduced to Canadian audiences at the 2010 Hot Docs International Documentary Film Festival in May.

Hot Docs is North America’s largest and most important documentary festival, conference and market. Each year, the Festival presents a selection of approximately 150 cutting-edge documentaries; and the World Showcase program is the Festival’s immensely popular survey of the year’s finest non-fiction films from around the world.

Scheduled Screenings:

  • Saturday, May 1 @ 9:15pm at Bloor Cinema
  • Monday, May 3 @ 4:00pm at Innis Town Hall
  • Tuesday, May 4 @ 11:45pm at Bloor Cinema

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Also, check out the latest blog entry for our experiences at SXSW: SXSW recap ( )

So, there you have it, fan of John C. Wright, author! If all my loyal fan rushes right out today and buys a ticket, and if I buy a ticket, for the privilege of seeing my overweight self uttering the same sort of ponderous blather I find so enchanting when I lecture myself in the bathroom mirror, practicing my dignified gestures and karate stances, that will add at least two tickets to the sale total!

Therefore hurry, my fan, hurry! Rush away and purchase the ticket before second and wiser thoughts hinder you! Help me, only fan Kinobe, you’re my only hope!

Here is the trailer: