Starred Review in Publisher’s Weekly

Break out the Romulan Ale and Martian Thil, pour a tot of Tranya, light a pipe of Old Toby, smear your face with your most festive hue of woad! Let the fifer and pipers employ the noseflute and sackbut, and pass two firkins of syrup to the Meks and Phanes and compel them to don motley and adorn their legs with toe-bells and thigh-chimes that they may dance an energetic tarantella! And command Vasthi to attend us!

The lovely and talented Mrs. Wright just got a starred review in PW. The star denotes a particularly favorable opinion. (The redacted sentence below contained spoiler.) Be sure to pre-order your multiple copies today!

Prospero in Hell

L. Jagi Lamplighter, Tor, $25.99 (352p) ISBN 978-0-7653-1930-2

In this epic sequel to 2009’s Prospero Lost, Lamplighter continues the Amberesque adventures of an ancient family caught up in matters of mythic significance. The immortal sorcerer Prospero is missing, sucked into Hell after one of his plans went awry. His far-flung, quarrelsome children have come together for the first time in years to face down the ever-present threat of the Three Shadowed Ones, who hunt them for the legendary magical artifacts they possess. As Miranda, Prospero’s ever-dutiful eldest child, struggles to keep her siblings in line, she’s repeatedly thrown off guard by a series of unsettling revelations. […] The story is convoluted and occasionally overwrought, but the rich imagery, fast pace, and masterful use of mythology make this a real page-turner. (Aug.)

(Art by Sam Weber; Design by Jamie Stafford-Hill)