Wright’s Writing Corner: The Most Important Technque — Part Two

The lovely and talented Mrs. Wright continues to explain the inmost mystery of the craft of writing, particularly how to achieve that paramount element she calls “the payload moment” — the punchline moment when the scene,  or plot, or character, sudden receives an additional depth or larger meaning, or is in any way taken up another notch with a blast from the spice weasel, BAM!

(Payload moments) can be small things, a sudden reevaluation of a character, where we see her motivations in a new light. It can be a plot twist…Garlot’s not dead! It can be a romantic realization, like the zings we spoke about earlier. Or it can be melodramatic. “But it is my fault!“  In each case, however, it has to be something that illuminates either the character, the plot, the background, or—as in our scene with Luffy—the greater universe.