Prospero in Hell and Prospero in Paperback

Announcing two more books from the Wright household in the bookstores!

Prospero In Hell

Prospero Lost paperback:


Fly now to your nearest outlet, buy every book in stock, find the name and home address of the story manager, and appear on his doorstep at 4.00 in the morning, drunk and raving that these are the best books you have ever read.

When you are thrown in prison, convince the inmates to buy and read the books and to vote for the Hugo Award for them.

Form a extensive  gang from fellow fans in prison, so that, upon release or breakout, the Lamplighter gang/fanclub can undertake paramilitary training for months and years, and next stage a coup d’etat of a small but wealthy Middle Eastern nation or Caribbean Island.

Then have yourself elected President-for-Life, and command by law every subject in your tiny yet wealthy nation to buy a copy. Destabilize the region in order to attract world attention. Announce the country’s atom bombs are hidden in locations hinted at by obscure clues on pages in the books, and that you will appoint your successor and heir whoever first figures out the mystery in chapter twelve, and phones you at the Presidential mansion.  History will thank you.