An Announcement

It has been brought rather sharply to my attention that I have been quite rude and condescending both to people I respect and admire, and to the people whose respect and admiration I have no reason to diminish beneath its current realistically low level.

The internet tempted me, and I turned into a troll on my own blog.

I hereby repent, and announcing the initiation of a new policy of a kindlier and gentler curmudgeon — and maybe I can remember that half the people I disagree with, the disagreement is because they are right and I am wrong, rather than the reverse.

I make such a boast about addressing my honorable opposition with Houyhnhnm-like logic, it is doubly shameful to realize that I indulge in Yahoo-like antics.

So, next time I stoop to sarcasm and condescension, I will not only be guilty of being uncharitable and, worse, illogical, I will also be guilty of violating this solemn promise to you, my dear reader, whoever you are.

Next time I start getting out of line, anyone and everyone is welcome to drop me the hint and reminder that I made this announcement.

*     *     *

ADDENDUM: (Despite the above announcement, the kindlier and gentler curmudgeon is still going to ban anyone who “corrects” my grammar or vocabulary according to the rules of political correctness. That is not a matter of honor nor of courtesy: it is a political powerplay pretending to be a matter of honor or courtesy.)