Have a Very Space Princess Christmas!

As we all know, Space Princesses come in two types: Good Girl Space Princesses like Princess Deja Thoris of Barsoom or Princess Leia, and Bad Girl Space Princesses like Princess Aura of Mongo.

For your holiday viewing pleasure, here is a video I discovered in the wilderness of the Internet celebrating the first Princess Aura, Priscilla Lawson.

There are many reasons to admire an Evil Space Princess over a Good Girl. First, note at about 0.53 of this clip, Aura gives her rival Dale Arden “the look” that only truly evil space princesses or high school girls know how to give potential rivals– the look that sizes up the competition and dismisses her with contempt. Take that, Blondie! One second later, at 0.54, she gives Flash “the look” that only evil space princesses filled with lust give strapping young Earthmen with wavy hair. There is a similar look at around 2.41 where she is feeling up the muscular thews in his beefcake arm.

Second, note at about 1.51 in this clip, Princess Aura defies her evil father the ruthless space tyrant Ming the Merciless, and ruthlessly rayguns down the space- guard holding the space-switch leading to the tunnel of terror. Of course, that space-guard was just doing his job, and probably had a space wife and space kids, but he remembered his lackey of space tyrant training enough to recall the first rule of being a guard: when raygunned to death, remember to fall onto the switch opening the trap door rather than falling away from it.

Third, as an evil Space Princess, she gets to say things like, “Release the Earthman!” and “He belongs to me!”

Much as I liked the 1980’s movie starring the music by Queen, I notice that the new Flash never strangled guards or tigers to death. Bad as the acting was, Buster Crabbe was really a mensch.

I wish this were a better quality print, but here is the animated version of the same evil Space Princess. The scene around 1.07 to 2.02 is what I recall from my boyhood as the scene that elevated Princess Aura to equality with Julie Newmar’s Catwoman in terms of evil feminine allure.

What this has to do with Christmas, I don’t know. Merry Christmas, Space Princess Fans!