Atlas Shrugged

To my infinite surprise, this actually looks like they took the book seriously. I was expecting another STARSHIP TROOPERS debacle.

One cannot tell from the trailer, of course, what they changed and what they kept, but unlike the trailer for GREEN HORNET, I do not see anything here indicating that the film-makers despised the source material.

Maybe this is a sign. Perhaps films like this get made when a sufficient number of people, weary with the false narratives, airy promises, and empty rhetoric of the idolaters of the all powerful Nanny State, would like instead to see a return to a more honest, rational and practical way of life. Perhaps. Or this could be a final farewell before the euro-collapse of the American Dream.

I see also it is part one. Interesting. Part two, I assume, will dwell on the events of the section in the novel called “Either-Or,” when the greatest minds of the age begin disappearing, and both the romance and the mystery deepens. I assume part three will consist of nothing but John Galt’s Speech.