Killing Girls in China

This topic is somewhat emotional for me, so I will say but little. They are killing the little girls in China, or leaving them to die.

My comment: Why it is that the Left excuses, extols, supports and writes apologetic for the Chinese One Child Policy, and yet at the same time claims to support the rights of women is beyond me. Anyone who supports what is happening to girls in China is no friend of womenhood.

I sat and listened,while a long-haired and unwashed hippy with gray in his hair told me about the need for a one-child policy here in the states. I explained that he was, in effect, talking about killing my daughter, or robbing her of her family life and happiness. He continued. I listened without once sticking a shiv in his ribs. You see, I am not a believer in Darwin, and so I think I have no obligation to improve the stock of the race by culling undesirables.

I adopted my daughter from China. I have done my part.

What have you done?

Here is the link to All Girls Allowed