Wright’s Writing Corner – Plot We’ve Got

Slightly tardy, here is Wednesday’s writing column.

Skip on over to the journal of Mrs. Wright for an interesting insight on the nature of plot and significance. It is not an insight I have heard before, and may be original to her.


In case you are wondering, no, I do not call my wife “Mrs. Wright” on a daily basis. I only call her that when we are cuddled up in our nuptial bed, as a term of playful endearment. At all other times, I am more formal, and follow the example of Lord Peter Whimsley and H Rider Haggard, referring to her as “She Who Must Be Obeyed.” If I am too familiar with her, she would have me thrown into the lava pit we keep in her throneroom next to the kitchen.

Here, in fact, I have some home movies I made while the little woman, impatient with the domestic servants, had them chained up and tossed into the Pit of Burning Death by the maniple of Praetorians serving her in Kuma.

Naturally, I remonstrated with her about why this barbaric act was necessary (I am the guy in the beard who looks like the Grand Moff Tarkin). She explained that is was necessary as a demonstration of her absolute power, in order to maintain, through fear and terror, her unquestioned reign.

Wow. Now I kind of wish we had discussed her views on domestic servants and capital punishment before getting married.

On the other hand, you must admit the little woman looks rather fetching in that golden she-hawk head-dress thingie of hers.

For those of you who do not keep your own Legionnaires at home , these are the II Traiana Fortis (Second Valient Legion of Trajan), whom we have to keep order around our house, with some auxiliaries attached to the XXX Ulpia Victrix.