Culture of Death Denied a Victim

I don’t know if any of you have been following this new story, but there is a thirteen month old baby in Canada whom the doctors, and the court order, have decided to baby’s life is not worth saving, so they want to remove his breathing tube, and not to perform a tracheotomy.

The parents object, but the doctors do not work for the patients in Canada, they work for the state and they take their orders from the state:

An organization called ACLJ, to whom I from time to time contribute, issued a press release: They give credit to Priests for Life and Glennon Medical center.

My comment: do you remember the scorn and fury from the Left which greeted Sarah Palin’s criticism of socialized medicine, when she mentioned the Death Panels such as they have in Euro-socialist style states? No matter what they are called, in any medical rationing scheme, one must actually ration the medicine, and therefore some bureaucrat or hospital officer or politician or appointee makes the decision who is worth saving and who is not, and his eye is on the bottom line, saving the taxpayers their money. The decision is not made by private citizens hiring a doctor each man with his own money, to spend or withhold as his wisdom might see fit.

It was simply a matter of logic — a rationing system requires rationing — but the Left screamed themselves hoarse and laughed themselves sick when Palin mentioned the obvious.

Here is a picture of the obvious in action, friends. Take a good look.