Eugenics! Remember when?

A classic article from Mike Flynn.

In the year 1933 physician Ira S. Wile predicted what marriage would be like in 2033.  In his day, Darwinism was all the rage, and all the Best Thinkers were looking forward to the day when marriage would be put on a rational and scientific basis.  In this future, there would be“a bureau of records under government control that would begin monitoring people the day they were born. …Everything about a person would be recorded; from someone’s physical and mental defects at birth to the subjective progress and imperfections of that person throughout their life. Then, when someone wished to be married, they would be assessed by bureaucrats and found a suitable mate based upon case cards that have been cross-indexed against members of the opposite sex. These assessments would be made based on class and desirable physical and mental traits.”

There is something just a little bit creepy about this brave new world, with its whiff of scientism, Darwinism, Nietzsche, and Aldous Huxley.  It is also Art Deco.