He is Risen

A joyous Easter to one and all. The Paschal sacrifice was made for all and offered to all, both those that believe and will receive of the feast, and those who do not. It is promised that the Angel of Destruction will pass by those who receive, and leave them untouched. Without this, there is no hope at all.

Here is a video I found by chance, with images from THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST set to music from SAINT JOHN’S PASSION. This is for those who might think the holiday is about chocolate and brightly colored eggs.

Christianity is a mature religion, concerned with a war in heaven that rages also on Earth, a war with casualties and sacrifices, so the images are not for the delicate.

But lest the horror of Good Friday efface catastrophe of joy of Easter Sunday, here is a gentler song.

And in honor of the holiday, let us add a scene of the empty tomb, with music from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir: