Finally Got a Jack Kirby Joke

So I am slow on the uptake.

There is a play on words in Jack Kirby’s “Fourth World” comics it only took me three or four decades to get. “Intergang” is the crime bosses of Metropolis cooperating between all the gangs, and secretly funded and supplied by Darkseid of the world of Apokolips.

Now, some Kirby puns even children can get, because they are straightforward, such as Izaya = Isaiah, or Apokolips= Apocalypse, or Darkseid = Dark Side, et cetera. Others are a little obscure, such as Highfather being the translation of the name Abraham.

One of the ones that was obvious but to me was obscure was the name “Intergang.” I knew it sounded familiar, but….

Untergang des Abendlandes

This is the title of Spengler’s famous book. It means ‘Decline of the West.’ The pun is that the rise of gangland is the decline (“untergang”) of the West.

Intergang Strikes Back!

Intergang = Untergang. Got it.

Now someone explain Goody Rickles to me.

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