Close Encounter of the Unseen Kind

This is the single most odd thing that has ever happened to me. I got this letter in my inbox just now:

Thought you might find this amusing. I had the good fortune of attending a talk by Marc Barnes, the Bad Catholic, held at a local restaurant. My friends and I got there early to get good seats (which we did), and I had brought a copy of Orphans of Chaos with me to kill time before the talk began. It was still sitting on my table when Marc began talking, and in the middle of his introduction he spotted it, leaned over to look at it more closely, and broke off on a tangent: “John C. Wright is a great author! You all should look him up, he recently converted to Catholicism and blogs apologetics. My teacher brought him in to talk at my scifi writing class and he was like this huuuuuge tall dude and he brought a sword with him! It was a cane sword and he swung it around and my teacher was looking like ‘Ohmygosh I’m gonna get fired for this o.O’. Can I see that book, no, wait, after the talk

For those of you who do not recognize the name, Marc Barnes (not to be confused with Marc C. DuQuesne) is the bad Catholic of BAD CATHOLIC, one of the wittiest and most well spoken young men who takes up the pen in defense of the faith. This precocious prodigy is but a tender eighteen summers of age, but he writes with the wisdom of Nestor.

He was in the same room with me, and I did not even know he lived on the same continent with me! I am flabbergasted that he did not walk up and offer to sign an autograph for me. He should know I am a fan.

I had a brush with fame and never knew it. I might have actually spoken to him and not known it!