Resisting the Big Brother

A letter from a reader on the topic of current government encroachment on our religious and civil liberties. I thought it worth reprinting in this space in full.

Look, folks, it’s really quite simple. Just say “no”. Whenever they tell you to do something you cannot do just look them in the eye and say “no”.

Example: we are Catholic business owners. Although we are exempt from the HHS mandate due to our low number of employees, my wife and I decided before we knew we were exempt that we would simply not cooperate with the law. The secret is that you have to be ready to take whatever punishment Caesar decrees for those who flout the Imperial Will. Let Caesar put us out of business; we’ll start another. Let Caesar fine us; we will simply ignore the fine. Let Caesar imprison us; better a life in jail than an eternity in Hell.

Let Caesar kill us. Martyrs bypass Purgatory and go straight to Heaven.

It’s called the Power of No. Render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar, until he asks for something that does not belong. Then politely say “no” and accept whatever comes.

I hope I do not sound like a paranoid fool when I say that I expect to die behind Federal barbed wire.

Besides, the gears of Federal regulatory enforcement grind exceedingly slowly. There are all sorts of dodges, head-fakes, and evasive maneuvers that can be used to extend the time between the moment Felix sends you to Rome and the big finish at the Tre Fontane. Paul got to go all over, including to Malta and Spain, before the maximum chop — maybe they’ll send you to sunny Cuba or picturesque Romania for your own “extraordinary rendition”.

The hardest part is watching them destroy your children’s lives. But again: what choice have we? Our Lady had to stand there and watch the Powers That Be drive nails through her Son’s hands and feet. She didn’t crack. Dare we do less? No, when they come for the kinder, remember the example set by Colonel Jose Moscardo during the Spanish Civil War, and reflect on the fact that the Spanish Civil War was the last one the Good Guys won.

It’s all so simple. Caesar can kill you, but he can’t make you do anything you don’t want to do. When he offers you the choice between sin or suffering, take the suffering. The power of No makes you invincible.

Few people realize that Winston Smith in Orwell’s 1984 could have won. He could have defeated O’Brien, Room 101, Miniluv, INSOC, and Big Brother himself. All he had to do was wait until the final moment, when the cage was clamped to his face, think of Julia, and in a voice of triumph yell at the top of his lungs, “More rats!”

Amen. I have no other comment to add. This is perfectly well said.