My Eldest Son Survived the Abortion Holocaust

My eldest child was diagnosed, before his birth,with spina bifeda. Rather than raise an inferior genetic product, the doctor gently suggested we “examine our options”, which included the modern equivalent of the Spartan practice of flinging the inferior births into a chasm on Mount Taygetos, called Apothetae.

Of course, I am white, and of Germanic descent, so the doctor who tried to talk me into murdering my unborn son did not try as hard as he might, and Thank God my wife who was a Christian (at that time I was not) would not even heed nor consider such a thing.

To this day I regret and with revulsion and horror that I even contemplated such a thing even for a moment; I despise and I hate — no softer word will do — that I live in a nation of Morlocks who make such conversations as I had with my doctor, and such temptations, possible.

I feel as you would feel if you were living among barbaric, savage and sadistic Aztecs, all of whom thought mass human sacrifice by means of grisly torture atop dark and smoking pyramids was not only tolerable, but right and just.

As it turns out, the doctor’s advice to murder my child was based on a faulty diagnosis. He was, and is, perfectly healthy.

At no point did the doctor suggest taking the fetus from my wife and frying it in grease with onions to consume on a sourdough bun with a pint of beer, albeit, logically, if the meat-product is not a human being, and if I have no fatherly duty to love, care for, and protect the meat-product before birth magically bestows humanity upon it, then there could be no objection in law or custom to such a feast.

If the mental image of such a meal revolts you, either your sense of revulsion is incorrect — for it is no crime to eat the flesh of livestock — or your belief that unborn human being are livestock owned by the mother is incorrect.

With all this in mind, with great interest I read the account of 11-year-old Zoe Griffin, who was driven to tears by pro-abort ‘activists’ as she stood praying outside the Democrat national convention.

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I am not interested in comments on this page. The time for civil  discussion is over. Aborticide must be destroyed. This is the last generation that shall suffer it.

Let the Apothetae consume our children no more.