Not another picture of Catwoman!

Expect no new posts this week. My dayjob has a looming deadline this month, and my next manuscript is due at the editor’s in January, so I have not had as much time to post editorial, rants, screeds, jests and drollery here.

I have been rereading CS Lewis’ PERELANDRA — and I can tell you it certainly reads differently sees as a grownup Christian than as a atheist teen, which was the last time I read it. The parallels between Perelandra and Milton’s PARADISE LOST are clear to all, but there are also parallels between this book and THE TIME TRAVELER by HG Wells, and A VOYAGE TO ARCTURUS by David Lindsay. Time permitting, I’d like to write a post on this next week.

No doubt readers expect me in such a situation to post yet another picture of the Catwoman in her evil skintight leather evilsuit. Not so! Am I as shallow as that? No, instead, I will post a picture of Rogue from the X-Men.

This is a picture of a statue taken from a Japanime-version of a Chris Claremont character. Our world is odd, Earthlings, no matter to what other world we compare it.

I have a particular fondness for Rogue, despite her Evil Mutant origins, because one of the characters in my long-running ‘Eternal Champion of Amber invades Narnia’ game is a knight of Prince Julian in Arden (which is also the Wood Between the Worlds and the forest Lady Eboshi of Irontown is logging to build a factory crewed by harlots and lepers), a Storm King named ‘Hell’ Tanner (from Zelazny’s DAMNATION ALLEY) the son of ‘Mad Max’ Tanner, was married to her. Recently she died tragically.

I hoping one of my player characters from Amber or Cumae or Gallifrey, Tanelorn or Trantor, Roke or Rebma, Gormenghast or Galt’s Gulch (these are the prime worlds of which all other worlds in the multiverse are shadows or reflections) will find a way to steal the floating pyramid of Ra from Stargate, and use the resurrection machine on her.

Well, this is also a game I have not run in years. Time does not permit. We may never know the fate of fair young Anna Marie.

Isn’t she sweet? Wouldn’t you love to just kiss her and have all your vital essence ripped out of the cells of your body?

Or do you prefer the version portrayed by Anna Paquin? As a Catwoman fan, I, of course, approve of any supervillainesses dressed in tight black leather evilsuits to commit evil in. Or when they do an about face and become a good guy girl.