Alfonzo on Kermit

The media is ignoring the story, and so is the GOP. The man killed crying babies, cutting their spines and letting them die, and strapped down a young lady against her will, drugged her, aborted her child, all against her will. The right to choice types do not seem to mind the deprivation of choice if it augments the death toll of the culture of death.

Meanwhile, Peter Singer of Princeton University publicly advocates killing children up to age two, if the parents so desire.

As a science fiction writer, I often try to imagine the extrapolation or exaggeration of current trends, much like George Orwell did exaggerating the evils of totalitarianism, for the purpose of magnifying the flaws to see the details otherwise lost. Writers are somewhat at a loss, as George Orwell was, when the real evils of what they are exaggerating are larger than the exaggeration can exaggerate.

In my recent book, I trying to think of a more outrageous exaggeration of certain aspects of our culture, as its wooly-headed mysticism, its sexual crassness, its selfish violence, its collectivism. I could not. That good and kind people — most Liberals are good and kind people, or seek to be seen as such — would, by their silence, defend such appalling abominable practices, worse than the sacrifices of the Aztecs, is incomprehensible to me.

I cannot exaggerate the evils of having mothers kill their own helpless babies under the knifes of learned men who vow the vow of Hippocrates, or once did. I cannot exaggerate it since it seems to be an absolute: the very bottom floor of hell.